Hospitality Awards 2023

Hospitality Awards 2023 | 19 Palais Royal Restaurant, nestled in a corner of the Palais Royal gardens, is a gourmet restaurant overseen by Philip Chronopoulos, a 2 Michelin-starred chef, and offers modern cuisine that combine French excellence with the Mediterranean identity of its Greek chef. The group also entices guests with the Cour des Vosges, an upscale accommodation overlooking Paris’ oldest square, Place des Vosges. The hotel evokes the architecture of seventeenth century buildings, immerses guests in charming, Parisan history and has a choice of superior suites and rooms. Cultivating French art de vivre, the décor embodies elegant Parisian mansions of a lost era. Each of Evok’s establishments aims to offer a bespoke service to each of its customers. Every location has its own unique personality, ambition, and identity, but all convey the same promise of excellence in terms of hospitality and service. The group prides itself on listening to customers in order to fulfil their expectations. A primary objective for staff is that customers always feel considered and are able to remain completely at ease for the duration of their stay. Expanding its influence even further, the group now has a tailor-made Audit and Consulting support service. With its years of business and customer experience, Evok Collection brings its perceptive sense of detail to every project. Working to invigorate hotels, spas, and sports clubs, the team provides project management assistance and financial guidance from the initial business plan all the way through to implementation. Evok also delivers its expertise to the owners of white label properties or Evok licensed brands. The team commences management of all day-to-day activities including commercial positioning, marketing and communication strategies, and financial monitoring. Evok’s success is nurtured by its closeknit team of professionals in operations management, human resources, communications/ marketing, sales, and finance. The aim for each project is to find a stunning location and give free rein to the imagination of Evok’s talented designers. The group aims to promote growth within the team by imparting expertise, sharing successes, and exchanging skills and ideas that extend well beyond the company itself. Employees are chosen for their smile, kindness, and their industry knowledge. Living in a state of constant evolution, Evok Collection is committed to improving its services, customer interactions, and its sustainable development policy. The company wants to invent new, sustainable ways of travelling that protect the wellbeing and safety of all. Evok wants to contribute to a more responsible hotel sector and take an active role in shaping a better future. Evok Collection is now in full international development. In June, the group’s first international hotel, Nolinski Venezia, opened. Brach Madrid and Brach Rome will soon join the collection in 2024 and 2026 respectively. Responsiveness, flexibility, and unparalleled creativity has allowed Evok Collection to reinvent the luxury hotel. Bringing flair and expertise to the hotel, restaurant, and wellness industries, the group continues to deliver its bespoke service thanks to its strong management and the support of its dedicated team. The company is committed to revolutionising the luxury hotel industry. With its forward-thinking approach to continuous development, Evok Collection will be delivering transformative experiences to guests for years to come. Contact Details Company: Evok Collection Web Address: