Hospitality Awards 2023

Jun22596 22 | LUXlife Magazine When the proposal for the UBS Arena’s construction arose, there were a variety of core factors that each person included within the design process agreed were essential for crafting the USA’s definitive sports and entertainment venue. It had to be sustainable, it had to be everlasting, and it had to be, above all else, capable of delivering an unmatched entertainment experience to each and every guest. Fast forward to November 2021 – UBS Arena was finally open to the public, and its spectacle revealed to each patron that crossed the threshold. Developed in partnership with Oak View Group, the New York Islanders, and Jeff Wilpon, New York’s newest statement piece boasts a vast array of entertainment opportunities for guests to enjoy. UBS Arena, first and foremost, is a classic venue that was made for music, and built for hockey. As such, it holds a versatility that has allowed it to put on some of the most showstopping events that the USA has seen in recent years. Every aspect of the venue has been carefully crafted with each eventuality in mind, ensuring a fantastic experience, regardless of an event’s nature. From hosting concerts, comedy, and family shows, to welcoming sporting events such as basketball, hockey, wrestling, and UFC, UBS Arena places longevity at the forefront of its practises. It recognises the wild variety that partners being such a diverse venue, and has masterfully navigated how to best appeal to each and every type of person. The result is an inclusive entertainment arena that is able to maximise enjoyment at every turn. Whether this is accomplished through the venue’s dedication to matching the energy of its patrons, or through adapting its services depending on the event, UBS Arena promises an unforgettable endeavour that’ll leave patrons eager for more. In addition to its unwavering commitment to guaranteeing a fantastic time for any attending the events that it hosts, UBS Arena has also made huge advancements on the sustainability front. Having been awarded LEED Green Building Certification in January 2023, and achieving carbon neutrality for operations in Fall 2022, UBS Arena now holds the position of being the first arena on the eastern United States seaboard to accomplish such feats. So, no matter a guest’s taste, they can enjoy a plethora of events whilst actively contributing towards the positive environmental impact that UBS Arena is consistently having on the industry as a whole. At its core, UBS Arena is wholly focused on ensuring that its guests have a good time, at all times. It’s this sense of purpose that has driven it forward since its inception, and, to this day, it is still going above and beyond to deliver a fantastic experience. UBS Arena, in its pursuit of these values, devised a service promise to its guests, as well as to each other. It uses this service promise as a comprehensive guide to understand how to best take care of its guests, and trains, reinforces, and rewards in accordance with its promise. UBS Arena is a venue that prioritises the enjoyment of Aug23163 Best Sports & Entertainment Venue 2023 - Northeast USA Situated in Belmont Park, UBS Arena is New York’s newest premier entertainment and sports venue. Since opening its doors in 2021, this state of the art arena has played host to some of the most gripping events in recent years. Below, we delve into how UBS Arena combines intuitive design and a love for quality entertainment to entice guests from across the globe. How, through its timeless design, it has set the stage for the future of New York’s live entertainment and sports sphere. its patrons, and has demonstrated the power to bring people together to forge something truly special. This, of course, is only made possible by the team that keeps UBS Arena running as smoothly as it does. When acquiring new faces to join the UBS Arena family, it seeks out individuals who understand the needs of both the guests and the venue itself. It carefully considers, not just the qualifications of its potential new recruits, but endeavours to find people whose values align with its own. Adhering to the service promise is a crucial part of the job, and, thankfully, UBS Arena has mastered the art of hiring those who share its overarching ethos – to help create memories that will stick with its guests for a lifetime. Despite its young age, UBS Arena recognises that it can no longer class itself as a brand-new venue. As such, it has resolved to be better than it was on day one of opening. It is constantly looking for areas through which it can improve and elevate its skillsets, and highly values the feedback of each individual that attends any of its events. By bonding with patrons via post-event surveys, UBS Arena has cemented a connectivity with its own community that’s born from the desire to be the best version of itself. Only then can it truly deliver on its promise of a wonderful outing fit for any eventgoer. Since 2021, UBS Arena has served as a major landmark within New York. Its excellence and passion for delivering those ‘edge of your seat’ moments is second to none, and it’s for this very reason that guests are always eager to return. There’s a sense of community that doesn’t go amiss within this impressively timeless venue, allowing for an experience that truly spans the generations. UBS Arena is the perfect place to go for any of its entertainment and sporting events, and with a brimming calendar of events planned for the months to come, patrons are simply spoiled for choice. UBS Arena exemplifies everything that hospitality should be. Its versatile, adaptable nature lends itself to the needs of its industry, granting it the opportunity to constantly evolve in tandem with the needs of its guests. From its physical structure, to its cohesive collective of passionate individuals, UBS Arena exhibits a true understanding of the entertainment industry, and has forged a venue that welcomes any person from any background with glee. We’re pleased to present UBS Arena with its most recent award title, and we can’t wait to see it excel as it takes confident steps towards its bright future. Contact: Kerry Graue – Senior Director, Public Relations Company: UBS Arena Web Address: Email: [email protected]