Hospitality Awards 2023

46 | LUXlife Magazine Best Dive & Spa Resort 2023 - Indonesia Oasis Diving Limited’s Bunaken Oasis Dive Resort & Spa is a luxury boutique diving resort located on the tropical island of Bunaken in the North of Sulawesi, Indonesia. The resort offers divers, snorkellers, and non-divers alike an unparalleled holiday experience, delivering best-in-class service across every aspect of your stay. Georgie Bartlett tells us more about everything this wonderful experience and resort has to offer. Speaking of the award-winning Bunaken Oasis, Georgie opens our article: “This extraordinary retreat transcends mere destination status; it stands as a pioneering eco-ethical sanctuary in the heart of North Sulawesi. Our unwavering commitment to excellence radiates through every facet, from the opulent and spacious cottages to the epicurean delights of our dining venues, complemented by a bar that offers awe-inspiring sunset vistas. However, what truly distinguishes us is our resolute dedication to our exceptional team.” The team at Bunaken Oasis Dive Resort & Spa aim to offer something that is unique in the sector, providing luxury amenities and unrivalled service all within a dedicated dive resort. All guests are treated to spacious, luxuriously appointed cottages, a gourmet a la carte restaurant, a purpose-built spa, and a fleet of expertly equipped dive boats which are never crowded. Georgie shares, “The enchanting Oasis experience commences for our guests immediately upon their exit from Manado Airport's Arrivals, where a warm, member of our reservations team extends a heartfelt welcome. They escort guests to their waiting vehicle, ensuring their comfort and presenting them with a refreshing cold towel and a branded flask of water. “Following their journey, our team ensures that all stress dissipates, allowing guests to savor their introduction to the resort fully. Once here, guests are enveloped in a paradise where every facet meets our stringent standards for quality and service, both on land and at sea. Our unwavering refusal to compromise guarantees that every guest, regardless of their diving experience or interests, encounters the opulence of a luxury diving retreat where needs are not just met but anticipated and surpassed.” Employees know that what separates the Bunaken Oasis Dive Resort & Spa from other high-end resorts is themselves, and they take every opportunity to always go above and beyond for every guest they have dealings with. Georgie tells us, “The Oasis Foundation is deeply committed to empowering the next generation, not just with diving expertise but also with a comprehensive education geared towards nurturing their comprehension of marine conservation. Presently, our program guides and trains five young islanders towards achieving the PADI Rescue Diver qualification. This certification equips them to excel as adept dive guides across Indonesia while instilling in them a profound sense of responsibility toward safeguarding the fragile marine park. “We steadfastly believe that knowledge is the linchpin of positive transformation. In addition to honing diving skills, we educate these aspiring divers on sustainable fishing practices beyond the park's confines, and we instil in them a heightened awareness of their plastic consumption. Armed with knowledge, these young individuals possess the power to make an indelible impact on the world around them.” At the level Bunaken Oasis Dive Resort & Spa operates on, guests quite reasonably expect a perfect stay, but the team are always keen to listen to feedback if there are any areas to improve. Despite the continued success of the business since opening in the autumn of 2016, the COVID-19 pandemic struck just as the company was beginning to establish its firm foothold in the market. Just as in the rest of the hospitality industry, the next two years were incredibly tough. However, the business managed to keep everybody employed, engaging the team in a rolling programme of infrastructure improvements ready for the big re-opening. Fortunately, the company was able to come roaring back – even stronger – in 2023, and the team is ready for what is to come in 2024 and beyond. Looking ahead to 2024 and beyond, Georgie enthuses, “Looking ahead to 2024 and beyond, our team is in the early stages of expanding our land holdings. If successful, this expansion will facilitate the construction of two additional properties – a 2-bedroom and a 3-bedroom cottage – providing even more space and luxury for guests seeking an idyllic escape on this beautiful island and resort. Whether you're a sun-seeking enthusiast, a dedicated diver, or both, Bunaken Oasis Dive Resort and Spa stands ready to offer you a luxurious getaway in a dreamlike setting.” Contact: Georgie Bartlett Company: Oasis Diving Limited Web Address: