Hospitality Awards 2023

64 | LUXlife Magazine or the brilliant individuals at Old India, capturing the perfect flavour is absolutely paramount. As such, it’s determined to source only the freshest ingredients for each of its dishes respectfully. From selecting tender lamb and fresh poultry, to gathering only the best vegetables that the local area has to offer, Old India goes above and beyond to guarantee a quality dining experience, no matter how much time and effort it must invest into doing so. Combine this with a menu of mouthwatering dishes, each prepared using the Mogul style of slow cooking, and you’ve got an Indian restaurant that can be relied on for authentic tastes. Providing any Indian dish that you can think of, be it lobster moilee, or its captivating curries, Old India promises an enthralling experience with every bite. Its dishes are simply bursting with flavour, whether they’re tailored to tradition, or share a more outlandish nature. Old India isn’t one to shy away from experimenting with flavour to concoct something truly special, and this manifests through its plethora of innovative options. Regardless of whether guests are seeking out tender lamb shanks that have been cooked to perfection, or are in the mood for on the bone tandoori chicken glazed in a spicy mint lamb sauce, Old India is eager to introduce new tastes that the tongue likely hasn’t sampled before. However, what truly sets Old India apart from other Indian restaurants throughout Bristol is its expansive selection of both vegetarian and vegan dishes. No individual should have to go without tasting the mystical meals that Old India has to offer, and, as such, it has devoted itself to inclusivity. The result is easy to predict – Old India is a raging hit among the veggie Best Indian Dining Experience 2023 - Bristol Settled among the greatest of the greats, Old India is Bristol’s go-to Indian restaurant with a flair for flavour and presentation. With inclusions in both the English Curry Awards 2015 and the Bristol Good Food Awards 2016, Old India represents a traditional approach towards Indian cooking that has consistently pleased the tastebuds of each and every guest. Join us on a journey through Old India’s tantalising menu, and how its iconic establishment has reshaped Bristol’s cuisine scene. and vegan community. Whether guests are raving about its vast array of options, or are treating themselves to its pulled jackfruit, simmered in a rich, medium-hot masala, vegans and vegetarians alike have consistently praised Old India for the sheer quality of its bustling meat-free selection. For the past 21 years, Old India has been treating its guests to the menu of Mogul Kings and Princes, all whilst adapting age-old recipes into a more contemporary style. The result is what we see today – the only Indian restaurant within Bristol to have garnered such a wealth of alternatives for each type of individual. No matter your tastes, Old India has a dish to suit it. Delivered by attentive staff, each equipped to cater to a guest’s every need, Old India’s dishes encapsulate the perfect balance of tradition and innovation, coalescing in a broad menu that beckons indulgence. It's no secret that Bristol has one of the most vibrant culinary scenes that the UK has to offer. Be that as it may, Old India stands out as a crowning jewel among the plethora of establishments nestled throughout the city. Old India presents a dining experience unlike any other, and it’s this keen eye for what the people of Bristol want that truly sets it apart. We’re very excited to bring some attention to Bristol’s best Indian restaurant, and we can’t wait to see how Old India continues to add new and inspired dishes to its already extensive menu. Contact: Bodrul Hoque Company: Old India Web Address: F