Hospitality Awards 2023

Most Charming Boutique Hotel 2023 - South West England & LUXlife Excellence Award for Wedding Hosting Services 2023 - South West England Nestled in the beautiful seaside town of Bournemouth, The Orchid Hotel proudly sits among the top three hotels in the surrounding area. Offering contemporary dining and a laid back atmosphere, this 31 bedroom home away from home boasts a unique opportunity for guests to indulge in a completely new form of relaxation. Partner this with the fact that it’s recently found itself a spot as one of Dorset’s biggest wedding venues, and you’ve got a truly showstopping hotel that’s just waiting to be explored. Outfitted with recently refurbished rooms that personify luxury itself, The Orchid Hotel is one of Bournemouth’s hotspots for relaxation. Its tranquil, homely nature lends itself to the magnificent location, allowing individuals from all walks of life to enjoy a humble, yet lavish, getaway. Whether a guest is looking for a peaceful place to settle whilst on business, or is wanting to take in the iconic sights of Dorset’s coast, The Orchid Hotel serves as the best option for anyone to rest their head. Complete with designer en-suite bathrooms, flat screen TVs, and comfortable king sized beds, its contemporary rooms present a truly enticing offer that’s impossible to refuse. However, The Orchid Hotel has far more than just its deluxe, relaxation-centric rooms to offer. In addition to a luxurious bar and lounge area, The Orchid Hotel’s new Brassia Restaurant presents guests with the perfect opportunity to indulge in some fabulously flavourful food. Be it breakfast, dinner, or afternoon tea, its dining environment promises a delight for the tastebuds, no matter the meal. What’s better than retiring to your cosy room after sampling some of the best, fresh food that Bournemouth has to offer? The Orchid Hotel delivers an experience that has no equal within the area, all whilst perfectly striking a balance between being a pampered getaway location and a home away from home. Although The Orchid Hotel holds a plethora of showstopping rooms for guests to retire to after a long day of exploring the town’s gorgeous sights, there’s another quality for which it is known. This is, of course, its popularity when it comes to wedding celebrations and ceremonies. Regarded as one of Dorset’s best wedding venues, The Orchid Hotel flourishes when hosting a whole variety of wedding celebrations. Its small, intimate venue provides the bride, groom, and attendees with an ideal mix of Edwardianesque décor, all tied together under the roof of the exclusive boutique hotel. Wedding celebrations deserve to be treated as they are – arguably the most important day of an individual’s life. As such, The Orchid Hotel adopts an incredibly personal approach, with former guests and couples alike praising Natalie for her attentive, welcoming personality. It’s clear that The Orchid Hotel takes great pride and pleasure in bringing smiles to people’s faces. Everywhere you turn, there’s something unique and beautiful to see, resulting in a pleasurable experience for each and every guest. The Orchid Hotel is a timeless hotel that truly captures the whimsy and excitement of venturing to Bournemouth. From its room design to its people-centric nature, it grants guests the chance to truly unwind and relax as they enjoy their time away from home, whilst still offering them a comfortable bed at the end of the day. Whether it’s hosting life-defining wedding events, or simply caring for those who have taken the time to visit the wonderful town of Bournemouth, The Orchid Hotel is defined by the luxury that it offers to every individual. Contact Details Contact: Natalie Jordan Company: The Orchid Hotel Web Address: The Orchid Hotel