Hospitality Awards 2023

66 | LUXlife Magazine Best Remote Location Expeditions Provider 2023 - Denmark Scandinavian Albatros Expeditions crafts unforgettable cruises enabling first hand exploration of places such as Greenland, Antarctica, the Arctic, the Americas, and Northern Europe. The family-owned polar expedition company draws inspiration from its Danish heritage to offer unique and immersive experiences to guests with exceptional service prioritised, top quality planned activities, fabulous excursions and interesting educational content provided. Since 1985 Albatros Expeditions has been offering expeditions to some of the world’s most remote regions, enabling travellers to experience the trip of a lifetime whilst enjoying Scandinavian hospitality of the highest order. It is proud to be able to offer pioneering polar encounters facilitated by its state-of-the-art vessels Ocean Victory and Ocean Albatros. These are two of the most technologically advanced expedition X-Bow cruise ships currently sailing the oceans. The vessels boast incredible sustainable qualities with some of the industry’s lowest greenhouse gas emissions per guest. Scandinavia is celebrated for its minimalist design aesthetics, with sustainable, carefully crafted products an essential part of its ethos. This philosophy is mirrored onboard the cruise ships with every detail thoughtfully curated to reflect the Nordic lifestyle. The décor embraces the concept of hygge, characterised by a serene, cozy atmosphere that is perfectly in keeping with the beautiful polar landscapes outside. All of the 93 staterooms onboard small ship vessel Ocean Victory have an ocean view, and 90% also come with their own balcony, so guests are very much encouraged to enjoy the beauty and connect with the topography they’re sailing through. It’s sister ship Ocean Albatros is similarly set up, with 94 rooms boasting unobstructed sea views. Expedition leader Søren Rasmussen is a biologist, lecturer, and author, well-versed in evolution, conservation, and anthropology. His expertise permeates every facet of the voyage, providing a rich blend of education, adventure, and discovery. The journey is one of exploration, but most importantly it’s also one of experiencing and creating unforgettable memories. Travellers lives are forever changed through witnessing wildlife in its natural habitat, experiencing breathtaking icebergs, and thrilling to the wonders of the Arctic. Each moment becomes a cherished memory that lasts a lifetime. Albatros expeditions has accumulated a torrent of excellent feedback with a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 87 and a Trustpilot score of 4.5. This reflects the thousands of lives that have been forever changed by the experiences Albatros Expeditions has realised through its incredible Nordic adventures. And these extraordinary, life-changing journeys don’t cost the earth either, in both senses of the word. They are deeply rooted in sustainability, as well as an affordable luxury. Contrary to what many people think, the price-tag for a polar adventure is not exorbitant, with Albatros Expeditions eager to make their experiences accessible to a wide range of people. However, this certainly doesn’t mean there is any compromise on luxury, with wellness areas onboard the ships, a modern lecture lounge, open deck dining facilities, and an Albatros Nordic Bar. Albatros Expeditions has been championing sustainability since it started, with the concept deeply embedded in its very core. It is dedicated to protecting the fragile ecosystems of the polar regions, which is one of the reasons it received the European Travel Award for sustainable travel back in 1995. It also actively supports several charitable initiatives with a focus on polar conservation. It is committed to ensuring that the voyages it conducts positively contribute to the regions being explored. Albatros Expeditions is structured according to the calendar, with winter seeing its cruises travelling to Antarctica, plus sometimes South Georgia and the Falkland Islands. Early summer it focuses on Svalbard, and late summer Greenland. As experts in Greenland, Albatros Expeditions provides a range of itineraries there, including the classic Disko Bay voyage. It also collaborates closely with local businesses/ communities to provide authentic experiences for travellers to enjoy. In between seasons its vessels reposition, exploring exciting opportunities such as its popular Scottish itineraries. Furthermore, in 2024 it’s pleased to announce the launch of a new Viking voyage tracing the footsteps of the Vikings from Denmark to Scotland, with many hidden gems to discover along the way. Albatros Expeditions has been named Best Remote Location Expeditions Provider 2023 – Denmark. We are delighted to see it’s been recognised for its outstanding travel itineraries, and look forward to the new options it’s introducing to its stunning destination range. Company: Albatros Expeditions Web Address: Contact Name: Andrea Bagi