LUX Hotel & Spa Awards 2016

LUX - Hotel & Spa Awards 2016 49 Best Romantic Hideaway - Gold Coast & LUX Location Award: Best Scenic Accommodation Clouds on Beechmont offers four different styles of accommodation. All are luxurious and fully self-catering. Consequently, our clientele varies, depending on the venue that appeals to them. All our guests are made to feel they are entering a home and not just a rented space. They find a prepared meal, complimentary bottle of wine and well stocked fridge awaiting them, in a home, heated (or cooled in summer) and enhanced by atmospheric music. We, at clouds, are family. Clouds is a family business and as such, employs only family members. The whole family take pride in the achievements and awards the business has accumulated and all members are committed to maintaining the high standards achieved so far. Best Romantic Hideaway - Gold Coast & LUX Location Award: Best Scenic Accommodation Company: Clouds on Beechmont Email: info@ Web Address: www. Address: 1805 Beechmont Rd Beechmont QLD 4211 Australia Phone: 07 5533 3593 HS160064 Our strategy, since inception, has been to appeal to a broad cross-section of tastes. Our four venues offer vastly differing experiences and many guests have chosen to return, time and again, to enjoy an alternative venue and experience. We have seen, recently, a definite trend emerging, in favour of glamping. Our latest venue, clouds safari, reflects this trend and we will be looking to expand this style of accommodation and also develop more – ecofriendly, solar energy based, chalets. Clouds ethos, has always focused heavily on generosity, hospitality and value for money; available in accommodation, that is warm, welcoming, luxurious and beautiful. Guests should not expect anything less and nothing pleases us more than the comments “We felt so at home”. Clouds is blessed by its location on the fringe of the wonderful Lamington National Park. Views of Mount Warning, the National Park itself and the Numinbah Valley are quite sensational and enhanced daily by Queensland blue skies and at night, by the stars, “Like jewels, on the crown of a queen”. After thirteen years our little resort is acquiring a fair share of awards and we have many memories of happy events and guests, but, it is a recent occurrence that will always stay with me. A family group had arrived, at night, from Hong Kong and as they stepped out of their cars, they were transfixed, motionless; with their heads pointing to the Beechmont sky. It was the stars; they had never seen them before, and to see them in such profusion was something they (and myself as a witness) will never forget. Clouds on Beechmont