LUX Hotel & Spa Awards 2016

LUX - Hotel & Spa Awards 2016 65 Best Pilates Centre 2016 & LUX Award: Best Location with postural imbalances. With my hectic schedule and frequent travels, it is difficult to maintain consistency in my wellness and fitness regime. Working with Mylene and her instructors gives me immense benefits, rejuvenates and realigns my otherwise tired self. The depth and precision of the work combined with tailored individual sessions is truly necessary to cope with my busy lifestyle. I would highly recommend Mylene, her intuitive teaching and vast knowledge makes the experience truly unique.” Ultimately, Line5 aspires to continue nurturing growth, providing an effective, empowering and holistic Pilates approach. In addition, they plan to bring together a group of Vancouver’s finest wellness professionals to offer Pilates focused retreats in beautiful, exotic places. Mylene concludes that it will be very exciting to share her knowledge with a select group in an intimate setting. “Line5 is truly unique, not just because of the location or instructors, but also because of its loyal clientele.” “At Line5,” Mylene explains, “we specialize in private instruction and small classes; our sessions are tailored to each client’s specific needs, and are led by Professional instructors through a variety of Pilates methods.” Mylene is acutely aware of the studio’s place in the wider market, acknowledging the vast pool of competition. “Our industry and health-conscious city is filled with an abundance of fitness and wellness professionals constantly introducing a variety of new techniques and exercise trends.” In response to this movement, Line 5 stays true to the intent and effectiveness of Pilates, obtaining results through a personalized approach. To provide high-quality instruction, the classes at the studio are kept small and personal guided by a passionate, knowledgeable staff specializing in a variety of Pilates methods. By understanding the individual needs of each client, Line 5 is able to match them with the Instructor best suited for their personality and fitness goals. This diversity and approach, Mylene believes, makes Line 5 Studios unique in their field. “We follow our own path and stay true to our vision: to free up possibilities, and to teach our clients to live a more fulfilling life in a strong and healthy body. The calm yet energetic atmosphere is the perfect escape from the hectic downtown life of Vancouver and provides the ideal environment for an extremely personalized experience encompassing body awareness, physical fitness and rehabilitation. “The studio itself feels like a retreat with welcoming energy; as you pass through its’ doors you are warmly greeted by light and spaciousness. Conveniently located at the gates of Chinatown and historic Gastown, this unique, central location is easily accessible from all parts of the city.” Anthony von Mandl, Proprietor of Mission Hill Family Estate, is profuse in his praise for the studio and its classes. “I was introduced to Pilates 5 years ago through my personal trainer, she suggested that the Pilates method would complement my exercise routine nicely and help Line5 Studios is a boutique style Pilates studio, taking pride in offering undivided, focused attention to their clients. Nestled in the heart of Vancouver in an award-winning 1907 heritage building, the focus from Day One has always been on the individual; Mylene Perrier and her instructors work to guide their clients through a comprehensive customized Pilates program, leading towards fulfilling fitness and wellness goals. HO160054 Best Pilates Centre 2016 & LUX Award: Best Location Company: Line5 Studios Email: [email protected] Phone: 604-558-1030 Web Address: Address: 1 West Pender St. Vancouver, British Columbia, V6B 1R3