LUX Hotel & Spa Awards 2016

LUX - Hotel & Spa Awards 2016 9 Renowned fitness, beauty and wellness expert Gabriela Just, who in the early Eighties had her own TV shows including “Enorm in Form” and “Let’s move” (ZDF), began developing her own line of natural cosmetics JUST PURE in 1996. With her deep interest in the healing properties of plants and herbs, she soon developed a holistic concept bringing together natural cosmetics and their application in the spa. The formulation of her cosmetics is based on the use of cold-pressed oils, herbs and plant extracts from organic cultivation. What makes them truly unique is the fact, that their production is strictly adjusted to the moon phases. With the favorable influence of the right moon phase, Gabriela can guarantee long-lasting shelf live, texture and fragrance of her products without chemical additives. With her sure sense for fragrance compositions, Gaby Just exclusively combines nature’s plants and herbs with pure oils and basics, constantly extending her wide range of beauty products. Alongside the vast range of products provided, the brand now involves a day spa, JUST PURE DaySpa in Munich, which is the place to go when you are looking for holistic beauty programs. Gabriela opened her JUST PURE DaySpa in Schwabing, Munich in November 2000, creating the first European spa outside a hotel. With opening the luxury Spa Suite in October 2014 their holistic and elaborate treatments, massages and beauty programs will be a haven of pure well-being, as they offer the exact opposite of the hustle and bustle of today’s life: a pure experience reduced to what really matters. They allow the customers to experience hours of wellbeing and regeneration for that special moment in our lives when everything revolves around them. Following the ‘less is more’ principle, JUST PURE stands for pure natural and unpolluted cosmetics, as Gabriela explains. “My focus is to keep JUST PURE very selective, and as such we often refrain from undertaking more clients in order to retain our high standards. In addition, we retain a very unique production philosophy focused on bio dynamics and moon phases. “The aim of JUST PURE is to produce handmade products of the highest quality, “Made in Germany”, to cover a complex area of wellness and feeling of well-being. Accordingly, our range not only covers an extensive line of cosmetics Face, Body, Bath and Hair but also cosy textiles - bathrobes and towels, massage and body brushes made of natural wood, soap, potpourris and unusual bath accessories. Our moon- phase herbal teas from controlled biological cultivation and Health Drinks round off the “wellness style” and ideally complement our overall concept.” In addition to her own DaySpa, Gabriela also offers her services as a spa consultant. She develops holistic care concepts for international spa resorts and design hotels that offer the JUST PURE beauty and massage treatments in their spa menus. For her consultancy services she also incorporates her extensive knowledge from her academic studies of architecture and design as well as from her independent work in product development, where no detail is left out: from the formulation and packaging design to the design of the spa and store locations, including the spa’s structural and functional quality, detailed quality standards, a clear presentation of the spa menu with plausible pricing as well as regular staff trainings on communications skills for customer guidance and sales. Gabriela explains just what it is that sets her brand apart from the rest and marks it out as a truly perfect experience for clients. “JUST PURE prides itself on offering extremely friendly and considerate staff who forge a deep connection with clients as well as effective treatments made from only the most natural ingredients. Day Spa of the Year 2016 - Germany “The secret to success in the spa and cosmetics industry, in my opinion, is to keep things simple: by focusing on honesty and integrity and simply providing quality you cannot go wrong.” In line with this philosophy, JUST PURE stands for consistently pure ingredients and a consistently pure design with a focus on sustainability. By strictly linking the production to the moon phases, the organic certified JUST PURE cosmetics can go without preservatives, stabilizers, emulsifiers, parabens and mineral oils as well as artificial aromatics. The firm’s quality standards include 100% natural and vegetable ingredients like fresh plant extracts from organic cultivation (kbA), 100% pure essential oils, cold pressed virgin vegetable oils and natural colouring with floral and herbal essences. The design of the JUST PURE cosmetics is as pure as its production: no frills, just simple glass jars and bottles with wooden or aluminium lids, all manually prepared. Only shower gels and travel sizes are filled in shatter-proof plastic bottles free from plasticizers, odorless and 100% pollutant-free and recyclable. Their puristic design perfectly reflects the puristic use of ingredients. It is this care concept that positively influences all senses, making JUST PURE treatments and products a truly holistic experience. In addition, Gabriela is eager to highlight the importance of her unique moon phase focus, which is an innovative way to manufacture products and brings the cosmetics further in touch with nature. “The knowledge about the influences of the rhythm of the moon has been passes down for thousands of years - traditional cultures were using the science of the power of the moon and the Zodiac system for farming and cultivating their land (sowing, fertilizing, harvesting, cutting of trees) “Not only the oceans of our earth are directed by the power of the moon. Also human beings can distinctly feel the influences of the different phases of the moon as 75% of the human body consist of water. “The moon also orchestrates life in the kingdom of plants and animals where growth and reproduction follow the lunar rhythm. The most famous example is the Palalowurm on the island of Samoa – reproduction occurs during the full moon phase in October. As such, my products are able to support the skin through the moon phases and the changes in nature and ensure that it is at its optimum condition.” The JUST PURE range is expansive, meaning there really is something for everyone. For the face Gabriela’s firm offers face peels, face creams, cleansing milks, tonics, oils, eye and lip balm, facial masks among many others. For the body and bath there are a vast array of shower gels, body peels, body milk, flower water, body and massage gels all of which are designed to provide a highly relaxing and natural experience. Hair, textiles and home products are all also included in the firm’s vast range and ultimately, the full JUST PURE treatment and production concept is distinguished both nationally and internationally by virtue of its absolutely unique position within the market. Moving forward, Gabriela states that it was vital that her firm retains the high standards that it has come to pride itself on. “Our future here at JUST PURE is firmly focused on continuing to provide clients with the very best treatments available. Working in an industry which thrives on compulsive purchases, we aim to offer unforgettable moments through our great service, best treatments and personal support.” Company: JUST PURE DaySpa (JUST PURE GmbH) Name: Gabriela Just (CEO) Email: [email protected] Web Address: Address: Postfach 1113, D-86983 Lechbruck, Telephone: 0049 89 38356999, company Head office: 0049-8367 9139330