Hotel and Spa Awards 2019

Page 12 LUX 2019 Hotel & Spa Awards Welcoming a wide range of guests from around the world, Fusionista Spa & Beauty Salon caters for the mind and body, providing both fulfilling meals from its restaurant and also luxurious, decadent spa treatments. Everything from facials and massages through to saunas and even experience treatment rooms is on offer at this exceptional spa, including rooms such as the Chill Room, where guests can relax on a unique sound therapy bed and listen to relaxing or romantic music, seemingly flowing through them, whilst they blissfully watch videos with amazing imagery projected on to a large screen. The establishment’s flagship treatment room is the Koi Mist Room, where guests are massaged on a “floating” glass island” whilst they look down on exquisitely coloured Koi fish floating underneath them. Guests are surrounded by lush tropical vegetation, waterfalls, scented mist and fire with the sounds of birds singing in the background together with relaxing music. At night the Koi pond is lit up, creating an otherworldly experience and offering a new level of luxury for guests. Every sense is cared for and rejuvenated at Fusionista Spa & Beauty Salon, from the Seeking to offer guests a truly unique pampering experience, Fusionista Spa & Beauty Salon is a sensory delight based in the heart of Johannesburg. As part of our showcase of some of this year’s Hotel & Spa Awards winners we profile the establishment to find out more about how it aims to offer every guest a relaxing experience that will prepare them to return to the stresses and strains of modern life feeling refreshed and reinvigorated. Fusionista Spa & Beauty Salon: Best Beauty & Health Spa 2019 - Johannesburg oils massaged into the skin through to the smells of the products and the touch of the soft furnishings, guests will be enveloped in luxury and relaxation from the moment they arrive to the time they leave. Playlists are curated specifically to compliment the treatments on offer and vary from room to room so that guests always feel perfectly relaxed and in harmony at Fusionista Spa & Beauty Salon. To stimulate the taste buds, the spa is adjoined to a professional kitchen offering an extensive menu of delicious and freshly prepared healthy dishes designed to refuel and reignite guests’ appetites. Guests are always overwhelmed by the sensory delights and exceptional hospitality they receive when they visit this world- class spa, making a visit to this spa a truly unforgettable experience. Among the spa’s core clientele are couples, who delight in sharing a unique luxury and romantic experience together. Many other clients come to Fusionista Spa & Beauty Salon to relax, rejuvenate and unwind in style and comfort. Looking to the future, Fusionista Spa & Beauty Salon will remain dedicated to offering an innovative spa experience that cannot be found elsewhere. Contact: David Smith Website: