Hotel and Spa Awards 2019 Page 27 LUX 2019 Hotel & Spa Awards Supplying private hotels, hotel chains, cruise ships, spa facilities, fitness studios, and day spas, Kemitron develop and manufacture a wide variety of durable and high-quality products designed for the hotel and spa industry across the world. While the client simply expected a sauna session ten years ago, they would now like to experience a new world. The ever-increasing pressure in modern life causes the desire to escape into a relaxed environment, one provided by this company and its developed technology. With a client-focused approach at the heart of Kemitron’s values, any product can be adapted to the customer’s wishes. Technical products can be adapted to the structural conditions on site, not rigidly bound to specific conditions. The offered fragrances and cosmetics can all be adapted in the recipe to suit the clients wishes. Clients can experience the greatest possible freedom in planning their spa facilities and what they can offer as user experiences. Founded in 1977, Kemitron GmbH has been operating as one of the leading developers and manufacturers of spa and fitness centre technology across western Europe, supplying national and international clients from their headquarters in Walldorf, Germany. With products devoted to technology, fragrances, cleaners, and cosmetics, find out why this firm is an award-winning manufacturer of spa and fitness centre technology as we profile the company. Kemitron GmbH: Best Spa & Fitness Centre Technology Manufacturer - West Europe Kemitron supply technology that can be used immediately by their clients, with it only needing to be installed and plugged in. Since they can be adapted to any structural, weather-related or culturally determined peculiarity, the technology can be integrated into almost any environment. Products are low-maintenance and long-lasting, meaning clients can count on a reliable product made inhouse, as well as employees who know them down to the last detail and can help immediately in case of difficulties. One of the best things about Kemitron’s technology is that it doesn’t sacrifice fashion for functionality. The manufactured technology is not directly visible but works extremely reliably. Fragrances and cosmetics are developed inhouse also, ensuring that only the best and sustainable raw materials are used to guarantee true relaxation. Thematic experiences can be custom-made as well, including coloured lights, music, shower rain effects and scent nuances for spa and wellness facilities worldwide. The range of products developed by this firm is based on a wealth of experience and sound knowledge in the spa cleaning and pool disinfection sector. Covering the various cleaning and disinfection requirements of commercial, municipal and private swimming pools, saunas, steam baths, whirlpools and bathtubs, Kemitron’s clients can look forward to a job done professionally and effectively by industry specialists. Constantly developing reliable products that serve the current market, Kemitron are a reliable partner with consistently high quality, as well as one that has a resilient eye on the future. The firm are always looking forward to developments in the international market to ensure that they stay a leader in the industry and continue to provide their clients with the most up-to-date technology. Ultimately, the reasons behind Kemitron’s success are being able to offer clients an experience unlike any other. Being able to transport clients to another world of relaxation and luxury during their spa session without compromising on the aesthetics of any feature make this firm stand out in the industry. Providing the very best, high-quality manufactured technology has helped garner international clients and remarkable levels of success. Contact details: Company: Kemitron GmbH Contact: Friederike Zaiser Website: IMAGE