Hotel and Spa Awards 2019

Page 34 LUX 2019 Hotel & Spa Awards A global hospitality procurement services organisation, HPG International Middle East & Africa (HPGI MEA) provide professional turnkey project management solutions for boutique four- star and luxury five-star hotels across the world. The firm specialise in furniture, fixtures and equipment (FF&E), and operating supplies and equipment (OS&E) related issues for clients. Discover why this firm are one of the best providers of hospitality supply chain solutions across the Middle East and Africa. HPG International Middle East & Africa: Best Hospitality Supply Chain Solutions Provider – Middle East & Africa HPGI MEA work to advise and procure on all tactile elements of a hotel that guests interact with the most, from the carpet that lines a hotel lobby upon arrival, to the luggage racks that transport client’s bags to the room, to the linen and bed spread that await them. All of these are procured by the firm after months of strategizing, and working alongside owners and developers from the early stages of any project. Owners and developers are encouraged to involve HPGI MEA as early as possible, to ensure the best possible guest experience during their stay at the hotel. By being involved from the design and development stages, any project has immediate benefits for owners and developers. Clients can accurately plan project funding, track budgets, forecast costs and more, as the firm provide cost-effective alternatives, create brand specifications where needed, and deliver on the owner’s vision within time and budget. Having HPGI MEA involved from design and concept stages allows them to fully understand each unique project and the specifics surrounding it. This allows them to formulate the best possible procurement strategy for the project. During the manufacturing stage, the firm also ensure that all hotels are equipped with premium products through rigorous quality assurance and control policies. Clients can view the status of the project procurement plan, progress made, cost, vendors and accruals, allowing the entire process to be streamlined and simplified for the owners and developers involved. One of the biggest trends dominating hotel chains today is that of sustainability, understanding it and creating methods to implement it. Guests are becoming increasingly aware of the environmental effects, and HPGI MEA strive to ensure that they are sourcing eco-friendly, biodegradable items and advising clients on sustainable practices. Another visible trend is the growing importance of design. Hotels are catering to guests with very specific requirements, and this can have a significant impact on the furniture designed and procured for the hotel lobby. Guests who travel for business and leisure now demand a greater standard of luxury and comfort. These elements allow for greater customisation across hotels, allowing HPGI MEA to be more innovative and creative during the design and concept stages. The company can advise on bespoke furniture and sustainable items by being aware of these market trends and looking for new ways to provide value to our clients. Ultimately, the success of HPGI MEA is down to their uncompromising stance on delivering high-quality goods to a wide variety of boutique and luxury hotels across the Middle East, Africa and beyond. Committed to delivering the best possible guest experience, this firm are delivering luxurious designs and bespoke solutions that impact not just the client, but every guest that stays in a hotel project managed by HPGI MEA. Company: HPG International Middle East & Africa Contact: Roshni Vatnani, Marketing & Business Development Analyst Email: [email protected] Website: Alila Hinu Bay, Salalah, Oman. Alila Hinu Bay, Salalah, Oman.