Hotel and Spa Awards 2019

Page 4 LUX 2019 Hotel & Spa Awards Originally, as a small family business, established 36 years ago ASPA has since flourished into a globally renowned provider of spa solutions and consultancy services. Today the firm works with an array of architectural firms, from Aedas to Zaha Hadid Architects and some of the world’s largest and leading hospitality chains, such as Accor International, JW Marriot, Marriott International, Sheraton, Holmes Place and Virgin Active, including small boutique hotels. By researching and developing solutions designed specifically around the human body and the provision of wellness, ASPA is able to offer unique solutions that will meet the modern spa guest’s needs, exceeding expectations, no matter how high these may be. Over the years ASPA has found that guest expectations have become more demanding, result driven and life changing. It is unthinkable that today “Wellness and Anti-aging” are left to massage and applied products. The hydro- thermal areas of spas play a massive roll in today’s wellness program. ASPA believes that besides design and ambience, there are three major components to wellness and well-being; applied products and treatments and last but not least a good detox program. Drawing on its spa industry expertise to promote wellness and enhance lives, ASPA International offers a wide range of spa solutions, designs and consultancy services specifically to meet the needs of a variety of establishments. In celebration of the firm’s winning this year’s Hotel & Spa Awards we proudly share an insight into how far it has come in nearly four decades. ASPA International: Best Spa Solutions Design & Installation Consultancy 2019 Thanks to this belief, the firm is constantly exploring new ways to deliver these three components of wellness to spa users around the world. Through its evidence-based research the ASPA team are constantly using all the tools available to develop, redefine and perfect spa user’s expectations in the spa. A key example of the firm’s focus on innovation is the flotation pool, which was once a claustrophobic capsule but now, thanks to ASPA, is a large room with a 5m² pool where clients can fully enjoy and reap the most benefits from the flotation experience. Technology is a major driving force for the firm and helps its continuous creation of innovative solutions that will benefit the establishments it supports and their clientele. Looking ahead, the future is extremely exciting and very challenging for ASPA. One new aspect of the firm’s service is reducing the carbon footprint in the spa. Currently the firm has a project in Zanzibar which is about to come live and which incorporates a range of