Hotel and Spa Awards 2019

LUX 2019 Hotel & Spa Awards Page 5 sustainable solutions, including rain harvesting, generating the establishment’s own electricity, recycling water on-site and using black polished water for the steam generators within the spa. The firm has also introduced door sensitivity switches which monitor the opening of steam cabins and sauna doors, allowing these units to hibernate if they are not in use by guests, and consequently reducing power consumption. The ASPA team are incredibly proud of the success of this project and believe this will be the Greenest Spa in Africa and possibly one of the greenest spas in the world. Over the coming months they are hoping this spa will drive more establishment’s around the world to embrace sustainability and work with ASPA to create unique green features. Ultimately, ASPA’s vision is to be a world leader in spa consultancy by 2025 by maintaining a motivated, dynamic team. As such ASPA will continue working hard to attract the best talent, the most innovative establishments from across the spa market and showcase the exceptional standards of service and solutions ASPA has to offer. Company: ASPA International Name: Martin R Goldmann Address: P O Box 1, Lagoa 8401-908, Algarve, Portugal Telephone Number: +351 919 899 942 Web Address: