LUX July 2017

LUX - July 2017 55 Relaxing, Cleansing and Renewing Altitudes Massage and Spa has raised the bar in the Big Bear region. Not only does our firm offer a high level of expertise, but we offer the beautiful spa itself. There truly is no comparison anywhere else in Big Bear region, with the effect of our deeply relaxing, cleansing and renewing massages and facials. As a firm, we are very much focussed on providing effective treatments for those we serve. We always aim to provide the best possible service to our guests, for example, we offer things for free that other spas charge for, in terms of our basic package albeit deluxe. When a guest first enters our establishment, we always ensure that their initial impression is favourable to say the very least. When a guest walks in to Altitudes Massage and Spa, we want to impress them not only with a beautiful environment to enjoy in visual terms, but also with an incredibly pleasant smell to enjoy. In addition, the welcome they receive is always a friendly and inviting one. In terms of our own staff, we ensure that everyone within the business is aware of our aims and behaves accordingly. Indeed, they are interviewed about their own goals, personality traits and interests. When it comes to the role of technology to ensure that our clients receive the best possible experience, we now have a new app that rewards those who spend money with us. The app gives our customers discounts, which is very much based on what they spend with us, but we do try to reward them on special occasions such as birthdays for example. In terms of the future of the business, we are still designing and saving for our expansion into a place twice the size of our current premises. We aim to grow bigger with more saunas, showers, jacuzzi tub rooms and steam rooms on offer for our customers. Looking at the wider industry perspective, I would like to say that the holistic health industry today is booming and better than ever. To remain successful, our firm will continue to follow the path we are currently on, combining all our qualities into one great service. I would also love to see doctors prescribing massage. That would be marvellous, as it really does provide some fantastic health benefits and is an excellent form of treatment that I would highly recommend. Altitudes Massage and Spa provide a range of treatments customised to visitors, including their award-winning couples massage package. We invited the firm’s Chelsea Redwood to tell us more about what they do, following the firm’s success in winning the USA category of the Best in Luxury Spas Awards 2017 – USA. Relaxing, Cleansing and Renewing Company: Altitudes Massage and Spa Name: Chelsea Redwood Email: [email protected] Web Address: Address: 42184 #4 Moonridge Rd., Big Bear Lake, CA. 92315 Telephone: +1 909 747 9696