LUX July 2017

LUX - July 2017 63 Where Beauty and Simplicity Reign The Palacio Belmonte has been described as very beautiful and unique. The hotel’s qualities include the simplicity, the range of colours, the many details, the beautiful tiles, the stunning views, the privacy afforded and the quietness it offers in the middle of the city of Lisbon, Portugal. The hotel’s ecological concerns as well as the quality of products, the exemplar yet discreet service, make it indeed exceptional. Year after year, guests return or send their family and friends to stay at this stunning hotel. The hotel’s Maria Mendonça highlights the refurbishment it has experienced and what it offers. “Though the Palacio Belmonte was refurbished with a great deal modernity, it’s not a place for those addicted to commodities such as elevators or air conditioning. The owner and mentor of the project, placed emphasis on giving each suite an un-common layout, with little stairs to fit the space perfectly, to avoiding damaging the sculpture built over 2200 years ago. With special ceilings and small windows, the perfect method of ventilation is achieved. “We enjoy sending our guests to discover the city of Lisbon and experience our favourite restaurants, but for those preferring to stay here, our exclusive caterer Chef Jose Avillez (** star Michelin) will be happy to serve you at a minimum of 48 hours’ notice. “Children feel the magic of Palacio Belmonte, indeed two of our family suites are well equipped for them - instead of a television, we offer them a library, a different garden and pool plus a whole programme of exciting activities. My favourite review in our book is from a child of 10, from London who said, ‘I don’t understand why this hotel has only 5 stars, it should have 200!’ “A young generation of brains and those involved with the arts are among our many distinguished guests. Wim Wanders, Mastroianni, Jeremy Irons have all stayed with us during periods of filming. Palacio Belmonte can be yours exclusively, if you wish to enjoy it, receive your friends and clients, or perhaps for your annual meetings. Just make sure you give us advanced notice and we’ll be delighted to receive you at the beautiful Palacio Belmonte.” The Belmonte is about light, privacy and beautiful landscapes. It is also about an attitude and a lifestyle. It is a house for whom, luxury is synonymous with the encountering of one’s emotions. It boasts ten suites, seven terraces, books to read, art to enjoy, an infinity pool, as well as a piano if that is your forte! Located at a very discrete location, the hotel’s team are both attentive and imaginative, to give you the best possible service. Maria then tells us something of the hotel’s history and how they can provide you with a truly unique and memorable experience. “As part of the DaST Collection (Design a Sustainable Tomorrow), Palacio Belmonte is the oldest palace in Lisbon (XV century), sharing walls with S. Jorge Castle. As a classified national monument, it was meticulously renovated in a sustainable way, having received a RICS Award for Urban Regeneration, given by none other than HRH Prince Charles. “Here, guests will find the comfort of modern times, yet in tune with Portuguese history, art and culture in an ambience of total discretion, privacy and sustainability. “In addition, our fabulous suites pay tribute to Portuguese personalities, boasting priceless XVIII century azulejos, frescos and private terraces. With breath-taking views over Lisbon and the river, an organic Mediterranean garden, the stunning black marble pool, the discrete and attentive staff - these qualities make Palacio Belmonte both an original and a memorable experience. Terrace suites start at €800 per night and breakfast is complimentary, served after 8am.” So, what is Palacio Belmonte? Guests say, ‘we saw the beautiful pictures and read all about it, but never expected this, it’s amazing!’ or, ‘we travelled to the best hotels in the world and never saw something like this. Maria is keen to reveal more about the location of the hotel and how it has gained an increased popularity following its restoration, as the interview ends. “Palacio Belmonte is perched on the walls of the castle at the top of the hill, indeed the chance to face the river was too good to be missed, but the 300 doors and windows to open every day made it otherwise. Following an investment of €26 million, Palacio Belmonte came back to life with its splendorous new design, full of details, light and many colours. After we introduced the new Belmonte to the city of Lisbon, the press hasn’t stopped talking about it. “It was now time to bring in the many pieces that we had fallen in love with, so one by one, antiques and contemporary items found their home here. We gave the building natural ventilation, instead of air conditioning. The air here is pure and the temperature perfect throughout the whole year. We refused synthetics, so whatever you touch here is both natural and pleasant. “The staff are invisible here, in the sense that as a guest you have privacy. You feel peaceful in the quietness of the building; your bed is heaven and you eat organic food. You are always surrounded by beauty here, so this is the reason why Palacio Belmonte is such a pleasure to be in. “When you are out of your nest, you can enjoy the bar and library, with a fire place in the winter; a light meal in the garden with the birds for company; getting exercise by swimming against the jet in the heated black pool or perhaps cycling a steady bicycle; a private lesson of yoga, or listening to some music at the Cultural Club Café, or even your own Fado singer in the privacy of your suite! “You could have a good massage - before enjoying an exquisite meal catered by **Michelin Chef Jose Avillez - and a good cigar later a terrace with a view. If you venture outside, our chauffeurs and guides can take you anywhere. There is no doubt that Palacio Belmonte is a magic place. It is a private guest palace where is no crowd, no noise, no chocolate on the pillow, no television, just fresh air, space, light, music and the sound of your own laughter. Beauty and simplicity are our great pleasures!” Company: Palacio Belmonte Lisboa lda Name: Maria Mendonça Email: [email protected] Web: Address: Páteo Dom Fradique 14 1100-624, Lisbon Portugal Telephone: (+351) 218 816 600