Leaders in Luxury 2022

LUXLIFE MAGAZINE | 13 Leaders in Luxury 2022 51 Holiday 2022 nature of each of these services, allowing them access to the latest and greatest of real estate innovations. This, recently, has grown to include the Real Estate Avatar. After resolving to do better than the industry standard typically does for his clients – primarily after undergoing property searches of nationwide real estate agencies that bore no fruit – his dedication to successfully providing better than the best has resulted in a technology that works by way of a detailed and time saving search profile. Producing faster and better results, this exemplary search function is highly tailorable to a client’s most specific of needs, allowing them to search through its properties in order to be presented with only the ones that are truly relevant to them. Thus, the process is speedier and more effective, ensuring that Luxury 778’s clients can achieve their perfect property after only a few viewings. It can secure these properties for the client with ease and excellence, becoming a favourite brokerage even amongst those with the most specific of needs: whether it’s property with a swimming pool, expansive grounds, access to the slopes of the mountains, or any number of other things, Luxury 778 promises that it will help them find the listing that’s right for them. Its team, each of whom are specialists with extensive experience, pride themselves on the sale of luxury real estate with true competence at every turn, approaching each task with an upright zeal in order to ensure that all elements are considered carefully. Thus, each staff member involved in Luxury 778 has earned personal acclaim in the service of the industry’s highest profile clients. Handling the housing requests of the most distinguished individuals, each staff As bespoke services for buyers in luxury real estate in the nation of Switzerland, leading company Luxury 778 has become a cornerstone of highly exclusive real estate. Nominally, it has become internationally renowned in this small and highly lucrative market as one of the best for finding a place for oneself in the majestic Swiss Alps, able to find clients the best home for them. Its properties range in price from 10 to 100 million Swiss francs, and since 2012, the family-owned boutique broker has exclusively served ultra-high-net-worth individuals worth US$30 million of more with diligence, tenacity, and the utmost commitment. Moreover, it takes great pride in its discretion. Luxury 778 has become famous in the UHNWI service market for the confidentiality and highly private service that it delivers, ensuring that each person it works for has access to listings that cannot be found anywhere else and that the process of turning these listings into their new homes is easily engaged and efficient. It accomplishes this by way of its incredible staff and their commitment to client satisfaction, as well as though its UHNWI Buyer’s Club. This exclusive and highly sought-after club membership allows a client to gain access to the most prestigious real estate club in Switzerland complete with a bespoke concierge service that is always ready to take care of a client’s every need. This ensures that not only do clients have access to the best of the best when it comes to properties, but that they also have access to the knowledge, expertise, and connections that Luxury 778 boasts, helping clients get settled by giving them access to a variety of services that are only available through this club. Fundamentally, these span from the option to contract the best English landscape gardeners to the option to work with its world-renowned master perfumers in order to create a signature fragrance for the house; it even offers swimming instructors for children, motorsport professional tutors, and so much more. Daniel Ittig as the CEO has gained renown for the comprehensive and problem-solving member has a deep dedication to customer satisfaction that allows them to never be daunted by a challenge. This is because they hold an integral believe that every challenge is an opportunity for further excellence, and creates an internal culture of tenacity that has allowed Luxury 778 to maintain its reputation to absolutely unblemished excellence. Led by the Ittig family, co-founders Daniel and Stefan have formed a cohesive unit that combines the skills and experience that they have both accumulated, as well as the talents of other members of the family who have joined the company. Daniel brings his architectural office abilities, having worked in such environments for 14 years – 8 of which have been in service of luxury clients – whilst Stefan applies his 40 years of knowledge in the building, rebuilding, and development of houses in order to ensure his listings are of the most impeccable standards. Luxury 778’s work ensures that its clients are comfortable and well looked after when they visit prospective homes. With a team that has extensively worked in luxury hotels for several years, Luxury 778 guarantees a top-quality stay. The range of experience from the team promises exquisite culinary and entirely comfortable – yet highly lavish – experiences. Luxury 778 takes care of everything – from the largest to the tiniest details – in order to ensure everything about a client’s stay is consistent. With its deeply exemplary off-market portfolio, it promises an average of 1-3 viewings before a client’s perfect home is found and is excited to bring many more clients into the fold in the future. Company: Luxury 778 Contact: Daniel Ittig Website: Luxury778.com