Leaders in Luxury 2022

24 Sep22522 52 May22278 Discover Every Corner of Italy HNH Hospitality Group is a leading independent operator of four- and five-star hotels in Italy. Located across 11 cities, its 16 business hotels, city hotels, resorts, and luxury accommodations are strategically located to showcase Italy in all its beauty, including major cities such as Milan, Trieste Padua, Verona, and Bologna. In light of the Group’s excellent success within 2022’s Leaders in Luxury Awards, we take a closer look at what it has to offer guests. It was back in 1966 that the Boccato family opened their first hotel in Jesolo, and it wasn’t until 1999 that current Chairman, Loris Boccato founded HNH Hospitality Group and a second hotel in Venice. Over more than two decades, the Group’s pursuit has seen it establish and reinvent itself, constantly adapting alongside the rapidly changing hotel industry. Because HNH Hospitality’s story is one of passion, growth, and hard-earned achievements, and it is certainly thriving. Today, HNH Hospitality is a community of more 600 people working together on a common project. They are a team open to change, working hard to keep their industry knowledge up-to-date so they remain informed. As a result, the company is able to adapt to market changes with consistency and strategy, taking charge of its future. Its desire to grow and to step outside its comfort zone is what motivates it to keep pushing to the next level in providing outstanding hospitality and exceeding the expectations of guests. This year, HNH Hospitality opened its 16th hotel, the fivestar Almar Giardino di Costanza Resort located in Sicily. Flaunting luxury renovated rooms and romantic terraces with views of the peaceful Sicilian countryside, it is a site rich in ancient traditions and embraced by warm Italian sunshine. Whether sipping fresh lemonade by the pool, discovering the authentic flavours of Sicily, roaming the countryside, or exploring the beaches, guests aren’t short of things to do as they enjoy a truly luxurious escape. Italy is a country to be revelled at, a country that fascinates travellers from all over the world. It is home to many of the world’s greatest works of art, iconic architecture, and mouth-watering cuisine, and it’s no wonder that 65 million tourists flock there each year (in 2019 according to ISTAT). So, it makes sense to choose one of HNH Hospitality’s 16 hotels to stay at for the duration of your visit. Whether a city break, work trip, family holiday, couple’s retreat, or solo escape, the Group has you covered for a guaranteed restful stay that won’t be forgotten any time soon. Company: HNH Hospitality Group