Leaders in Luxury 2022

46 Sep22522 22 Jul22458 Best Luxury Health & Wellbeing Retreat 2022 Champions of medical care, nutrition, wellness, and movement, Clinique La Prairie Spa Wellness Centre was founded in 1931 by Professor Niehans. As a pioneer in the development of cell therapy, holistic treatment, and the RIVITALISATION treatment programme, this clinic’s programmes are offered over a 1 week stay during which time guests can expect a total evaluation from medical experts, as well as tailored nutrition and exercise plan and access to oriented wellness and aesthetic treatments. With a medical team of over 50 medical professionals, Clinique La Prairie Spa Wellness Centre is a well-equipped, technologically advanced, tranquil, and supportive environment. Fundamentally, its efforts have allowed it to become a leading light in preventative medicine, made possible by its flagship REVITALISATION treatment and the exemplary staff who make it possible for it to deliver such programmes in a truly industry leading display of tenacity and client focus. Nominally, the REVITALISATION programme focuses on promoting vitality, enhancing the immune system, and slowing down the aging process. The MASTER DETOX programme, on the other hand, delivers the ultimate bespoke cleansing programme, whilst others focus on rebalancing, weight loss systems, and premium check-ups. With its four pillars always in mind – something that each of its staff keep at the core of their work without fail – Clinique La Prairie allows the enjoyment of pure relaxation in a manner that bolsters the body and fortifies the mind. Located in Montreux, on the shores of Lake Leman, this Swiss Riviera provides a vista for the clients of Clinique La Prairie and a true haven away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, one that is merely an hour’s drive away from Geneva airport, with Milan and Paris linked by high-speed train. Therefore, the clients of Clinique La Prairie laud its accessibility and exemplary location as second to none; with all the seclusion of an exclusive getaway, and transport links that would make any popular hospitality and healthcare provider proud. Aiding its clients in a holistic and comprehensive manner throughout their stay, its dedication is to every client, treating them as much more than just another case file. Indeed, it gets to know each of its clients on an intrapersonal and comprehensive level that ingratiates it with its team and allows each client to access the help, support, and care solutions they will benefit the most from. Everything, from its aesthetic medicine and surgery to its 360-degree beauty programmes and cell boost face lifts, promises to be of the highest possible standard with a choice between residence accommodations and chateau rooms, all with access to its award-winning spa. Boasting over 50 different therapies and treatments, it has achieved a vast list of awards over the years, and this title now ranks among those. With many more awards surely in its future and a past of the utmost excellence as its foundation, it is excited to welcome in new guests and familiar faces throughout the remainder of the year and beyond. Company: Clinique La Prairie Spa Wellness Center Contact: Jenna Racine Website: laprairie.ch