Leaders in Luxury 2022

7 Oct22011 17 Nov21237 Turning Architecture Into Art Architectural excellence is never easy to come by, but it lies at the heart of the work completed by the team at Architect Ante Vrban Ltd. With numerous projects to showcase their work around the world, it’s little wonder the team has won the title of Croatia's Most Innovative Architecture Practice – 2022 in 2022’s Leaders in Luxury Awards. We thought it high time to dig a little deeper into the secrets of their success. The heart of the work completed by the team at Architect Ante Vrban can be located with its founder, Ante Vrban. Having designed his first project at the age of 19, he has since gone on to develop numerous ideas that have captured the imagination of his clients. With a passion for design that cannot be matched, his work instils a love and desire to make the world a better place into all who see it. Humble beginnings as a student at the University of Architecture in Ante’s hometown of Zagreb, Croatia have laid the foundations for this internationally renowned firm. Clients from the worlds of business, art and digital have all come to recognise what is being offered to them, in terms of a clear and unique vision as well as the epitome of luxury. Instead of focusing on the challenges of the competition, the team have thrived through respect of other people’s work and a determination to concentrate on the needs of their clients. When looking at the design techniques used by the team at Architect Ante Vrban, it’s clear that each is carefully matched to the needs of their surroundings. Through embracing a contemporary style alongside an approach which is always at one with nature, his team’s projects balance practical need and aesthetic elegance. Clean lines with a healthy attitude are no small part of why the firm is considered a beacon of luxury throughout the world. One of Ante’s most recent successes has been his work on the Expo Dubai 2020 Croatian pavilion. This is one of the most visited non self built pavilions in the mobility district, despite being completed during the COVID-19 pandemic. The success of the project, however, is not just down to his talented work but the work of his staff. Every project aims to better the work of the previous, with team members given the freedom to experience and explore new concepts without fear. This environment has allowed the generation of the exciting ideas that keep Architect Ante Vrban at the forefront of the industry. The success of Architect Ante Vrban is such that the team are fully booked until Spring 2023, with amazing projects that will dazzle those who see them. Alongside a wealth of private residences, the team have taken on many five and six star hotels that will redefine what luxury really means. Of course, while this work continues, it’s worth considering what has inspired the team at Architect Ante Vrban to push the limits of what can be done. Through architecture and art, he and his team have achieved remarkable things. We celebrate his incredible success and look forward to the triumphs that are yet to come. Company: Architect Ante Vrban Ltd Name: Ante Vrban Web Address: www.antevrban.com Email: [email protected]