Nautical Tourism Awards 2023

Sofi Parry, Senior Editor Phone: +44 (0) 203 970 0018 Website: Following a successful inaugural edition in 2022, LUXlife is thrilled to reveal this awards programme is back with a splash for its second year running! The Nautical Tourism Awards 2023 celebrates those exceeding within the nautical, coastal, and marine tourism markets. Yacht charters, water sports companies and fishing expeditions are a few of the diverse areas featured in the programme. The award adopts a broad perspective of the industry and is therefore able to recognise many companies which are often overlooked. With this approach, LUXlife can spotlight remarkable businesses the world over who are helping this dynamic industry reach new heights. So, no matter your specialism, we guarantee that the Nautical Tourism Awards 2023 is the place for you. Over recent years, the Nautical Tourism industry has demonstrated an important skill: adaptability. Businesses across the industry have been able to overcome a surplus of challenges, from pandemic-mandated travel restrictions to increasing attention on climate-friendly practices. Innovation is vital for the industry, and with many companies embracing technological advancements and sustainable initiatives, this is the perfect time for the Nautical Tourism industry to shine. Welcome to our Nautical Tourism Awards 2023