Nautical Tourism Awards 2023

the club’s sailing director and his team are world-class, and so too is the dock and marina management, carried out by the dockmaster, and the food and beverage service offered by the F&B team and bolstered by the administration team. Cassius explains, “we function as a well-oiled machine, and every team member’s contribution is recognised and appreciated by our membership as well as our management committee.” Despite this stellar team, the past three years have been incredibly difficult as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, yet the club is proud to announce that its membership numbers have remained strong, and that once again, an uptick in mobility growth is being experienced across the club, marina, and its relevant services. In recent years, the team have also doubled down on their commitment to helping foster a clean and sustainable environment, one footprint at a time. To this end, a number of green initiatives have been implemented, such as solar panels, eco-friendly supplies, energy-saving lights, a marina waste management system, “Annual Marina Clean-up Day”, recycling bins, herb gardens, and the preservation of the woodland reserve area. Through these initiatives, the club has expressed a proactive approach to taking care of the picturesque location in which it is situated, ensuring its beauty for generations to come. Looking ahead to the future, challenges the club is likely will stem from the expanding of its clubhouse and facilities as its membership numbers continue to grow. With these numbers on the rise, the club will at some point have to develop its offerings, with the team hoping to be able to offer rowing and other similar marine-based activities to appeal a broader demographic. As well as expanding its activity offerings, plans are also in place to include sleeping facilities, enabling the possibility for the club to cater to overseas members as well those residing on the island. In the more near future, the club is currently in the process of gearing up for the 2024 Newport to Bermuda race, as well as the Annapolis to Bermuda ocean crossing, which are both set to be held in June. Plans have been confirmed and registration is now open for participants, with the 2024 iteration of the former race representing the 53rd outing since its founding back in 1906. Ultimately, with everything set to be going on in the next few months and plans for expansion and development in the pipeline, there has never been a better time to join Royal Hamilton and experience its excellence first-hand. With an unrivalled history, one-of-a-kind royal status, and a fantastic location to boot, Royal Hamilton Amateur Dinghy Club has solidified itself as Bermuda’s premier dinghy club. For those seeking membership at the club, there a host of benefits to signing up, including access to all of the club’s function rooms, unique dining experiences, exclusive promotions, social nights, and privileges for boat owners such as a year-round sailing programme and access to marina amenities. Keeping all of this in mind, the group is more than deserving of this award, celebrating its brilliance as Bermuda’s best local yacht and dinghy club for 2023. Contact: Cassius Fevriere Company: Royal Hamilton Amateur Dinghy Club Web Address: