New Year 2019

22 Oct18255 Jennifer Ryan Design is a full- service interior design and remodeling company based out of Bellingham Washington. Recently, we caught up with Jennifer Ryan to discover more about how she creates such extraordinary designs for clients. Jennifer Ryan Design projects can range from small room mini re-designs to whole house interior design. From colour consultation, furniture selection, all the way to complete design and finish selection, and then on to the remodel end of the project. Of late, Jennifer has designed and remodeled many kitchens and bathrooms. While designing a kitchen remodel, walls sometimes come down to open up the space which then leads to a main floor design and remodel. Although Jennifer focus mainly on designing and remodeling existing homes, she has previously worked on some new construction as well. As the contractor, Jennifer is the one redoing the room, removing cabinets, walls, flooring, etc. In addition to this, Jennifer has subs to do the plumbing, electrical, heating and drywall. She builds walls, does tile work, finish trim, painting, upholstery, plus anything else that may be required. “Homeowners are usually pleased to have me on site so much of the time during the remodel process. This way decisions and/ or changes can be made quickly and efficiently.” Going into further detail about what makes for both excellent design and designers, Jennifer begins by explaining what which qualities make for both excellent design and designers. “I believe that the most important quality of a good designer is the ability to not put their own style in a design, but to be able to figure out what the clients style is or can be, also to look outside the box, and to push clients a little further than their comfort zone. Having an artistic eye is probably something we designers are born with. Of course, an art background helps as well. In my case, it comes in handy to know construction techniques so that when designing a space for a remodel, I know what will or will not work.” Creating Surroundings To Be Enjoyed For A Lifetime