New Year 2019

28 LuxuryThrough Innovation and Reinvigoration FancyLine DeZigns create luxurious pieces that are, to put it simply, truly unique. In December, FancyLine was recognised in LUXLife Magazine’s ongoing 2019 Leaders in Luxury awards programme as the Bridal Footwear Designer of the Year . We spoke with CEO and Designer, Bree, to find out more about her inspiration, love of luxury and creative flair. Whilst it is true that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, beauty can also be found in the old or the mundane made new and interesting again through innovation. It’s an objective sort of beauty found in the collective appreciation of masterly skill and practised talent. Indeed, the fashion industry has long held the belief that clothing can be art, and here Bree- through FancyLine DeZigns -seems to double down on that belief, creating pieces that should be on display rather than worn. Whether she finds inspiration in the renaissance, a sort of classical beauty found in the intricacy of the lacework, or the regency era, revelling in pomp and circumstance, Bree’s pieces all have the