New Year 2019

LUXLIFE MAGAZINE | 29 New Year 2019 unmistakable touch of luxury: these are, above all else, pieces to be cherished. Bree starts the interview by offering some insight into FancyLine’s work and product line. “FancyLine’s glamorous approach to footwear delivers high fashion and comfort, creating an elegant solution when transitioning from heels to flats. Since our launch, we have gained international acclaim in many industries. especially weddings and theatre productions. Our love of beauty, and all things ‘fancy’, has injected much more interest and intrigue into a specific type of footwear that used to possibly be a second thought, but now -with amazement- gets a second look.” This remains at the core of FancyLine’s ethos – creating luxury out of the everyday . “What may have been considered simple is now a fabulous accessory that’s simply a work of art.” As for her clientele: Bree explains that they are, by all considerations, people that appreciate this luxury. “Whom might the FancyLine DeZigns Bella or Bello be? Well, someone quite poised, an individual that loves the extraordinary, and the footwear connoisseur with an elevated palette, and of course the chic fashionista who gets a kick out of putting their best foot forward – literally! Whether hosting an elegant soiree, lounging at home or vacation, or preparing to dance the night away, the FancyLine DeZigns man or woman will include these hand-stitched beauties in their special occasion and day to day stylish wardrobe.” “Since client satisfaction is a priority for the company – never to be compromised – catering to the client is just what we do! After all, everyone loves feeling special and knowing that they are the most valued client. The model of our company mandates excellence in quality, service and overall luxe appeal. At the end of the day we aspire to produce a product that assures the client that FancyLine DeZigns is the only choice when considering elegant luxury slippers.” “Following trends is not part of our DNA.” “As a designer, in an effort to appeal to individual taste and style, I work hard to be luxuriously diverse in my approach to the selections and sourcing of materials and embellishments. I have to think outside of the box, maybe consider what’s trending but not getting too tied to that concept as a rule. One of the best parts about being an artist is when the client first looks at a piece and just ‘gets it’. I’m always beyond excited when they express their vision and I can capture it.” Naturally, though Bree remains at the heart of FancyLine DeZigns, she has a team of like-minded creative individuals around her. “Fortunately, the FD team is a tight-knit group that mainly focuses on production and quality. Keeping the right attitude is essential – that need to be positively perfect in what we produce, along with being fabulously fancy in how we go about our day helps to create a pleasant working environment. The positive personality always wins! Expressed communication is key!” The conversation soon turns to the luxury industry as a whole, and, more specifically, FancyLine’s enviable reputation in the booming wedding sector. “FancyLine has the exciting privilege of being inclusive in a luxury market. As we scale, we are positioned to also be a part of the “branded” Luxe Lifestyle – how an individual lives every day. We produce an item for the person who’s all about over-the-top customised experiences and industries that exude opulence and touches one’s emotions. Chief among them in this market is the wedding industry, which is undoubtedly the star of the show. Many of my clients are soon-to-be brides.” “The a la mode bride searches tirelessly to find the most exquisite pieces to include in her wedding day attire. The slippers will not only be a part of the wedding day itself, but also possibly before at the rehearsal dinner and even the honeymoon, and any event thereafter. We also enjoy collaborating and partnering with foundations, wardrobe and fashion stylists, hotel and spas, princess parties and many more.” Ultimately, when it comes to the future of FancyLine, Bree looks at exploring the company’s limits as they continue creating wearable art. “The future, as far as we can see, looks bright and quite beautiful for FancyLine DeZigns. Having the opportunity to create what has been said by others to be “a masterpiece” is just thrilling! Our plans, as always, is to expand our boundaries in services and product lines. As our clients continue to fall in love with our ‘Slippers For Bellas’, we will continue to develop opportunities to romance and captivate with our stunning creations.” “Although I’m always on to the next and looking ahead in design mode, I take just a moment now to pause on this fabulous journey to gleefully reflect and enjoy the excitement of being recognized as a ‘Leader In Luxury’ and named 2019’s Bridal Footwear Designer of the Year. Oh my, what an amazing honor!” Company: FancyLine DeZigns Contact: Bree FancyLine Website: Email: [email protected] Telephone: 9176209590