New Year 2019

LUXLIFE MAGAZINE | 41 New Year 2019 Moving to the exterior of the Dundas Arms, the idyllic riverside location provides guests with the opportunity to fully relax and enjoy the peaceful view, watching the boats pass by from the comfort of their bedroom window or sat within the stunning gardens which surround the fine establishment. For those who wish to venture further afield, in the surrounding areas of the Dundas Arms are some terrific country walks which you can do along with your canine friend. The wonderful team at the Dundas Arms will kindly supply a map as well as instructions, which means all you have to do is enjoy the country views when you embark on your adventure. Alternatively, you can swap a country walk for a stroll down the canals, enjoy the peaceful scenery and watch the boats pass by. If you want a truly immersive experience, where you take a step back from reality and fully embrace the tranquillity that the town of Kintbury has to offer, you can travel in via train as the station is only a stone throw away from one of the Dundas Arms’ car parks. Although our stay was short, it was a truly wonderful experience, filled with such divine foods, scenic views, a luxurious suite - all situated in a tranquil town of Kintbury. The Dundas Arms was simply an unforgettable experience! If you would like to book your stay in this picturesque inn, please visit their website: arms