New Year 2019

6 1806LU09 Turning Dream Events into Reality Cocoon Events is an award-winning agency dedicated to producing luxury destination events and weddings in Marrakech and abroad. Recently, we profiled the firm and spoke to Fabrice Orlando, who kindly provided us with an insider’s look into the world-class celebrations that Cocoon Events produces for their A-List clientele. Cocoon Events is the luxury wedding and event-planning firm responsible for the kinds of celebrity-worthy multi-day events that grace the covers of magazines. Their award-winning multi-day productions feature exquisite decor, delectable menus, and guest experiences that tantalize all five senses. Their experts make all of this magic happen in locations across the globe that most people only dream of visiting. When fantasy venues like ancient castles, shimmering palaces, or ocean-view villas are considered “good places to start,” Cocoon Events is called in to stage real life dreams-come-true. Luxury-level service is Cocoon Events’ specialty. No client request is too big or too small, and the only limit is the imagination. The firm works tirelessly to provide clients with a completely custom event planning experience, tailor-made to suit their unique passions and priorities. Fabrice elaborates about the process involved in creating events at this level. “Initially, we start with site inspections, searching around the globe for a unique venue which will reflect both the clients’ personalities and spirit. At Cocoon Events, we go the extra mile by providing a vast range of amenities such as airport arrival and departure transfers, hotel bookings, check-in and check-out service, and a private 24-hour concierge at guests’ disposal during events. Our productions feature larger-than-life floral artistry provided by top international designers and custom menus created in the kitchens of the world’s best chefs.”