New Year 2019

65 LIGHTALLIANCE is a Professional Lighting Design Consultancy. Following their success in LUXlife’s 2018’s Leading Designers Awards, we profiled the firm and spoke to Kevin Grant to discover more about the innovative services the company provides. Since their inception, LIGHTALLIANCE have been providing tailored lighting design solutions, from bespoke lit components to city scale master plans to clients on a regular basis. Embracing opportunities for interaction, the firm take into consideration the need for spectacle and identity, safety and security, environmental impact and energy efficiency. The designers at LIGHTALLIANCE are experienced with all aspects of lighting design and can provide a complete lighting design service, where creative thinking is balanced with solid understanding of technical design. Currently, the firm are working on a diverse portfolio of international projects - which includes bridges and iconic structures, high-end retail, leisure and hospitality developments, exclusive resorts and residences with some iconic brands. Going into further detail about the firm, Kevin begins by informing us of how the team are able to provide their clients with the best possible service. “Here at LIGHTALLIANCE, our approach is tailored to the specific needs of our clients. We can advise on the most appropriate services and lighting design requirements. We have no affiliations or limitations to our portfolio - which gives us true creative freedom to specify, design or develop the very best combination of solutions to suit their application, budget or global location. “We always engage with our clients, architect and design team partners to try and find out what makes each project special, special to them and special to us, and use this to help inject that passion into our designs - to deliver the very best experience, quality and add real value.” When discussing the internal culture at LIGHTALLIANCE, Kevin is keen to highlight how the talented team work tirelessly to ensure that they deliver their award-winning services. Style Delivering Creative Design Solutions “At LIGHTALLIANCE we provide full time, part-time and flexible working arrangements. We focus on employing the right people in terms of personality and skillset - recruiting talented designers and creative people with a diverse range of experiences, backgrounds and ideas – ranging from lighting, design, engineering, architecture, software and games developers. Most of the core team have worked together for many years, and we all share a passion for working and playing with light, pushing boundaries and using light to measurably improve our client’s buildings, spaces and business opportunities. “We have a reasonably fluid and flexible way of working but do follow robust code of ethics where we strive for continuous improvement - with lessons learned built into our design approach, to refine and continuously improve our approach. In addition to this, our staff take ownership of their role and their personal contribution, becoming emotionally invested in our projects and wanting to deliver their very best results for our clients.” Looking ahead to what the future holds, Kevin signs off by revealing the exciting plans which lie in the pipeline for the firm, especially following their recent success in LUXlife’s 2018’s Leading Designers Awards in which they were righteously awarded the accolade Best for Unique Lighting Designs – Edinburgh. “Recently, we have just moved into our new Studio in Edinburgh - A funky new space to work, rest and play in the heart of the New Town - a UNESCO World Heritage Site. “At present we have design hubs in the UK and UAE, but we are also in the process of re-configuring our business in the Middle East, and re-establishing links with former colleagues who are based in the US, to access a wider network of skillsets and reach to provide a more consistent service offer globally.” Company name: LIGHTALLIANCE Contact: Kevin J Grant IALD CEng MILP MIET MSLL Address: 15-16 Queen Street, Edinburgh, EH2 1JE, Scotland UK Telephone: +44 131 357 1533 Website: 1809LU11