New Year 2019

85 WED18073 Juli y Juan’s Kitchen is a small catering company focused on bringing quality food to its clients’ celebrations and, ultimately, their lives. Having recognized the company as Best Catering Company 2018 – Colorado in the 2018 Wedding Awards, we invited Juan Andres Rodriguez & Juliana Trujillo to talk us through the firm and the range of services it has to offer. Drawing on the passion and creativity of its Founders, married couple Juliana Trujillo and Juan Andres Rodriguez, Juli y Juan’s Kitchen works to provide delicious feasts that will be remembered for long after they have ended. Juan discusses how the firm came into being and why he and his wife are so deeply passionate about food and cooking. “At Juli y Juan’s Kitchen, we are trying to remind people that food is an experience. Food should always have the outer most important respect from us all, as when we eat it, it becomes part of us. In today’s society, where everyone is so incredibly busy, there is often not time to sit down and enjoy a proper meal, which is why we are aiming to change this by showing the beauty and majesty of food. Our meals are full of delicious intentions which respect food and culture.” “With backgrounds in philosophy, health, food, marketing, communications, performance and cultural diversity, together myself and my wife are trying to implement everything to evolve an industry that feels in need of a fresh perspective, a more artistic approach and a better understanding of the love it requires for a great food experience to happen.” Supporting a range of clients, from those who love food to those who want to showcase the beauty of their local area and culture, Juli y Juan’s Kitchen has to adapt to meet their individual needs, as Juan highlights. “Every client is different, and as such we try to provide and adapt from project to project. We offer different styles: buffet, family, street food, plated, stations, and an open fire gastronomic cooking experience Taste Culinary Delights to Mark Any Celebration if they are desired, but we are always open to something new. For us, buffet style meals are going out of fashion, and this is something we wholeheartedly support, as at the end, they are neither the most economical nor time efficiency of the best way of serving food, and often they generate a vast amount of waste.” Within the wedding industry the firm supports a range of clients, but Juan and Juli both always put their own personal stamp onto every event they cater for. Juan explores how the firm’s location has led it to increase its work in the wedding market thanks to its natural beauty, and how he and his wife are bringing this to their dishes to give wedding guests a true taste of the best that North Colorado can provide. “Being based in the heart of a region that is proud to host many ‘Destination Weddings’, we are constantly seeking to adapt our menus to meet the needs of our awesome clients in this exciting sector. At all times we aim to offer fresh, seasonal dishes, working alongside local farms so that we can include the best local flora and fauna in a way that is both respectful and delicious. Thanks to this approach, we hope that our clients can understand the beauty and diversity that Northern Colorado can offer to the culinary arts.” As he looks to the future, Juan is full of hopes that Juli y Juan’s Kitchen will continue to flourish, as he is proud to conclude. “There are many great opportunities in store for Juli y Juan’s Kitchen over the coming years. We are writing our first book, which is a great venture, and one we are very much enjoying. We are keen to adapt around emerging trends in the culinary market, and to grow alongside our client base. Organic growth is important for us as we do not want to jeopardize the quality of our food and service, and as such we will be working hard to ensure that we continue to offer the very best dishes and service to even more clients.” Company: Juli y Juan’s Kitchen Contact: Juliana Trujillo E. y Juan Andres Rodriguez P. Address: Fort Collins CO. USA. Telephone: 001 9708215115 Web Address: