New Year 2020

10 Dubai Designers Deliver Deluxe Dining Experiences Launched in 2013, Yamjam is an international design studio based in Dubai, bringing a fresh and multidisciplinary approach to food & beverage design. Having recently won 2019’s Award for Excellence in Innovative Design Solutions for Dubai, we examine the studio to discover the secrets to their extraordinary success. Based in Dubai, Yamjam is an interior design agency that specialises in the hospitality industry, particularly the food and beverage sector. The studio, spearheaded by founder and leader Julian Floyd, create environments that far exceed the expectations of clients. Whether evolving an existing and established brand, or kickstarting a new concept into life, the team at Yamjam bring exceptional levels of energy and enthusiasm to achieve unique, diverse and bespoke spaces. Julian Floyd, prior to the launch of Yamjam’s studio in 2013, gathered more than fifteen years of professional experience across Europe and the Middle East. Bringing a wealth of conceptual, strategic and operational experience, Julian consistently produces successful and creatively challenging projects that are world-class. The firm’s senior interior designer, Katie Jane Smith, also boasts eight years of experience across Europe and the Middle East. Both are personal and professional, gaining the trust, confidence and respect of their clients. Applying a deep and extensive level of knowledge and experience with form and functionality, Yamjam give each project its own strong identity. Delivering on fashion without ever compromising on function, every client requirement is met and achieved with outstanding results. Working closely with clients to understand each unique business model, the staff team of experienced interior designers then being brainstorming and space-planning in order to create a clear design direction. For Yamjam, the team encourage close relationships with clients, helping translate their ideas into engaging food and drink experiences. At every stage of the process, clients are communicated with clearly and confidently. Responsive rather than reactive, the team utilise all their knowledge alongside the clients input to achieve innovative design solutions. Yamjam’s team always share their design thinking and discuss their decision-making rationale with the client, to ensure clarity of understanding amongst all parties involved. This articulation, along with various visual communication aids, can help clients clearly envision their end goal, encouraging their input throughout the process with fantastic results. The innovative studio have clients that range from local shops and businesses, to some of the most famous food and beverage celebrities across the world. To name but a few, Yamjam have created exquisite spaces for brands that belong to celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay, and judge of The Great British Bake Off, Paul Hollywood. Overall, the work of Yamjam encapsulates the luxury of high-end eateries, and applies it to food and beverage institutions throughout the sector. With a client-centric approach to designing, and exceptional finished spaces, this Dubai-based firm are making eating and drinking better than ever before. Company: Yamjam Contact: Julian Floyd Website: Nov19062