New Year 2020

11 Best National Dessert Parlour Chain 2019 – Treatz Luton It could be the selection of childhood favourites or the temptation of those luxury items, which feature combinations from beyond your wildest dreams. Treatz dessert parlour of Luton inspires those who are longing for a sweet treat. Here at LUXlife, we took a closer look at the company to find out more. Nestled in the heart of Luton, Treatz’s dessert parlour offers its customers a bite of paradise, and then recommends having seconds. Treatz sits in a unique position of being one of the popular dessert parlours in town, and who would dare take it on? Offering its full array of delicious desserts, everyone who walks through the doors is guaranteed to leave with their appetite well and truly satisfied. Serving everything from sundaes to smoothies, from pancakes to platters, the hedonistic approach to the menu inspires pure indulgence. The people who come through Treatz’s doors are all different. It’s a melting pot of people, each with their own tastes and desires. Whether it’s rambunctious schoolkids wanting to share a milkshake, or a council worker wandering across the road for an American pancake pick-me- up, Treatz is there to serve exactly what is required of them. The staff have learned over the years that the best way to handle customer expectations, or even exceed them, is to interact with everyone who comes into the parlour and go from there. This means that, as a matter of policy and principle, from the moment you walk through the doors, you are welcomed like an old friend. No matter who you are, you’re treated like one of the family, with all the diversity that the best families have. This is the magic of Treatz in full force. Once seated and comfortable, staff members are always at your service, ready to make you comfortable, and provide you with exactly what you need to feel at home. Even the most dour of dispositions can be lifted by the warmth, charm and professionalism that the Treatz team has to offer. This is where you can come with friends, where you can relax for a time, where you can sit happy with a special something that makes you smile. Offering an experience like few others, Treatz often appears on social media. The digital revolution is something the company have embraced wholehearted, with a special loyalty app, accounts on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, and even a snapchat filter for the store. Frequently making the most of Instagram to demonstrate their decadent combinations, Treatz has exploited social media in the name of excellent publicity and tantalising temptations. It’s a unique way of better remembering the happy times spent in this very special location. The loyalty app allows customers to make the most of what free desserts are owed to them thanks to the points systems. By focusing on making feel their customers like a part of the store, Treatz rewards those who come back to them again and again. Ultimately, Treatz Luton has been able to bring joy to customers by delivering on their promise of an indulgence experience unlike any other. Combining this with an atmosphere of such warmth, grace and ease, Treatz will continue to deliver heavenly desserts, which go above and beyond customers wildest dreams as they further expand the award- winning business in the years to come. Contact: Ismael Javeed Company: Treatz Luton Web Address: Telephone: 01582966210 Nov19062