New Year 2020

18 Fuelled By The Force of Natural Food Spearheading a revolution in performance-enhancing nutrition, TRIBE is a community of like-minded individuals, pushing themselves to greater levels of success in trusting the power of nature. Keeping athletes fuelled whilst offering tremendous deals and raising money to fight human trafficking, discover the incredible story behind this mission-driven community. When it comes to athleticism of any kind, perseverance is key. Whether kicking off a marathon at just the right pace, or grinding out the last few hundred metres of a cross- country run, ensuring that burnout doesn’t happen is of the utmost importance. Fighting the urge to stop and pressing on to achieve goals can be boosted by nutritional food ingested during any athletics event. That’s where TRIBE come in, offering a wide selection of flavoured nutrition bars, protein recovery shakes, protein bars, energy drinks, and natural fruit bars. Modern athletes are capable of the most remarkable feats of strength and endurance, and all it takes to believe anyone can do it, is a single step. In April and May 2013, three friends from around London decided to run 39 marathons in 30 days across nine Aug19418