New Year 2020

LUXLIFE MAGAZINE | 19 New Year 2020 countries in a bid to raise money for a charity taking the fight to human trafficking. Tom Stancliffe, Guy Hacking, and Rob Martineau set up a project called “Run For Love”, and managed to raise a stunning £250,000 pounds for charities working to end human trafficking. For such a gargantuan effort, healthy nutrition was essential to ensure that they were able to carry on and keep pushing on through the pain barriers. By mixing together core foods and nutritionally-healthy items into trail mixes, the trio found themselves full of the necessary energy and nutrients. Following their incredible success, the three men founded TRIBE on the principle of changing the way people think and consume nutrition during exercise. Now at the forefront of a revolution for the industry, TRIBE is more than just another nutritional product that claims to help generate energy during tough runs. Instead, it is a community, bringing people together in a rallying cry of support to go further, push harder, and achieve greater things than ever before. More than just a product, TRIBE is a companion in a bid to help generate more healthy lifestyles for people across the country. Since launching a number of years ago, the family of TRIBE athletes has grown exponentially. More than fifty thousand individuals of all sports and hobbies have come together at events in a bid to raise money for charities seeking to combat human trafficking. In June 2017, The Tribe Freedom Foundation was set up, for the team to take on the fight themselves and has raised more than £150,000. There has never been a better time to get involved with the incredible work that TRIBE is doing, with the company offering new members the chance to get their hands on an outrageously good deal. Upon joining, members can get their first six-pack of TRIBE products for only £2. Able to combine any six products into a vastly-reduced subscription box that can come either weekly, fortnightly, or monthly, this deal is a fantastic opportunity to get up and running with a new healthy lifestyle whilst supporting a fantastic charity. Products on offer at TRIBE include five core nutrition-focused energy foods that can be flavoured in a number of ways. For example, the Infinity Energy bar is 100% natural and designed to enhance performances. With slow- release of energy, users can feel the effects for longer and push further. All of the nutrition bars are suitable for vegans, free from dairy and gluten and offering 5.3g of protein, 24g of carbohydrates, and 13g of fats to give athletes that boost they crave. With salted caramel chocolate, apple and cinnamon, peanut butter and banana, and peanut butter crunch flavours, not only is it healthy and nutritional, but tasty as well. Other products in TRIBE’s collection include the protein shakes, protein bars, hydrate drinks, and energy bars. Protein shake blends are delicious, and provide 20g vegan-friendly protein per shake. The company’s hydrate drinks are a refreshing blend of fruit, botanicals and natural electrolytes to guarantee enhanced energy and hydration. Where nutrition bars offer slow-release energy over a longer period of time, the firm’s energy bars give a sharp boost of energy quickly, for that extra burst. Undoubtedly one of the best elements to TRIBE’s fantastic offer of a six-pack for only £2 is that the pack can be customised to include however many of each product that the customer would like. Don’t fancy a protein shake, but all about that strawberry- flavoured hydrate drink? Rather have a coffee and walnut protein bar over a sour cherry energy bar? Not a problem, as the six-pack is totally customisable to suit members’ wishes. Taking the challenge head on, members are bold. Taking risks and making mistakes is all about creating momentum and progressing nutritional food and generating more interest in cultivating healthy lifestyles. Whether it is mammoth marathons, sensational swim- a-thons, or crazy cycle challenges, there is always something happening at TRIBE as they seek to never give up their pursuit of eradicating human trafficking. Going higher, further and faster in their pursuit of the finish line, TRIBE is a community that celebrates coming together in running modern slavery into the ground for good. More than a community, more than a family; this truly is a tribe of people working to help make the world a much better place for everyone to be in. Company: TRIBE Contact: Pam Tait Website: