New Year 2020

20 Fantastic Fiji Hospitality VOMO is everything that the world isn’t anymore. Quiet, peaceful, beautiful and pristine, this resort takes the form of a private island with just 34 luxury villas dotted along the beachfront or tucked into the hillside. A place where over-tourism does not exist, allowing the genuine Fiji to manifest itself, VOMO won LUXlife’s 2019 Award for Excellence in Luxury Accommodation in Fiji. Enchanted by the unique feelings it inspires, we took a closer look at this exceptional resort. Just 35 minutes by speedboat, or 15 minutes by helicopter, arriving at VOMO can take on the feel of a spy film. Unlike the inherent tensions in that genre, however, any worries are washed away on arrival at VOMO. At your fingertips is a whole island, beautifully curated by an attentive staff of 150. Guests come from all over the world to experience the heartfelt hospitality of the wonderful Fijian crew and everything you’d expect from Fiji concentrated into one spot. What do people expect from Fiji? VOMO has long, sandy beaches that stretch all around the island, looking out onto the clearest of blue oceans. Backed by palm trees that showcase the natural environment VOMO, you’ll feel relaxed and at one with the world around you. With magnificently clean air and tidy beaches, those who go to VOMO just keep on going back. Holding one of the highest returnee rates in Fiji, it’s clear that this island resort is doing something very special indeed to keep drawing people in. What VOMO resort offers is something unparalleled. It offers couples and families the chance to chill out, connect and enjoy time together. Removing people from the manic world and allowing them the chance to take time to simply ‘be’ is not just the primary goal of the organisation, but the ethos that pushes it forward. As more and more guests are travelling to the island as part of larger, multi-generational groups, it becomes clearer that these larger groups wanting to spend time with their children and grandchildren, only proves the point. Whether groups or couples choose a villa on the Beachfront or Hillside, or private residences nestled in the heart of the small island, the result will be exceptional comfort and luxury. Not content to provide service that is lesser then expected, the residences come with a butler & swimming pool. All resort guests have access to VOMOFIT classes with personal trainer or yoga instructor. Delicious food is prepared on site by VOMO’s Nov19452 New Zealand Executive Chef, supported by a highly talented Fijian crew. The menu changes daily to keep things fresh. As an island paradise, the ability to take advantage of the possibilities is paramount. Whether it’s exploring the wonders of this haven for nature or relaxing on the seafront in perfect sunshine, whether it’s fishing in the open waters or practicing your golf swing between the palm trees, there’s an activity for everyone here. Island staff don’t just treat their roles as a day job – for them, VOMO is their home. Staff live on the island, within a purpose-built village. Each member of the team delivers the best renowned Fijian hospitality. While Fijian culture is naturally warm, caring and kind, VOMO encourages every member of the team to go above and beyond for guests in the name of heartfelt luxury. As such a haven for nature and embracing the environment that has given it such success, it’s of no surprise that VOMO is incredibly focused on its carbon footprint. As such a remote location, many items must be imported, but the opening of a water bottling plant, the move away from mini amenity toiletries and the use of island made products really helps to make clear the environmental effect while making the VOMO experience even more focused. Ultimately, VOMO is an island of tranquility, of connection, of rest. It’s something to be experienced, not recorded. VOMO offers a breakaway from the real world, so for a while, you can live the way you want to live. Tying together typical Fijian hospitality with a top-class location, VOMO offers pure luxury in one of the most stunning locations in the world. Contact: Karen Marvell Web Address: