New Year 2020

23 Jun19402 Sweet-Smelling Success – Academic Aromatherapist DoesWonders With more and more people looking towards homeopathic remedies and in search of holistic medicines, aromatherapy is experiencing something of a global resurgence. One aromatherapist who is experiencing the resurgence first-hand is Chan Yuen Ying Jessica. She has been instrumental in arranging aromatherapy student volunteer teams to participate in charity community events engineered towards giving the elderly aromatherapy massage services. Discover what has made this aromatherapist a key figure in the resurgence of holistic medicines across Hong Kong. With over twenty years’ experience in the aromatherapy industry, Jessica has dedicated much of her life to becoming an expert in her field. Mainly engaged in professional academic education and training, this leading aromatherapist is also a world-recognised aromatherapy senior instructor and assessor. She is one of the first senior academic practitioners in Hong Kong, as well as an academic advisor in the related discipline, working with the government to promote the development of the industry. Jessica and her team of expertly-trained aromatherapists founded the International Federation of Holistic Aromatherapy (IFHA) to provide a platform for aromatherapists and members. A key focus of the federation is to provide Organic Product supply (Her own brand, SecretCode, Australian Certified Organic Range products) – Health (providing aCarer Service team)- knowledge Sharing (specifically, government approved school professional and vocational training and research). For the latter, Jessica formed the aCarer service team, which provides massage treatments to specific public groups, with a special focus on elderly homes. This was created on the back of research conducted over 12 months in 2017 and 2018 by Jessica and the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, which concluded that aromatherapy can help the elderly by easing chronic pain, enhancing vigour, minimalizing the stress of the carer, and improving the fight against BPSD. “I put a great emphasis on the essential oils blend selection, application method and quality assurance for the research. I created oil formulations which used the SecretCode range to ensure quality, and – more importantly – it is approved with therapeutic standard- is now recommended and safety for use in elderly homes.” “As I am an experienced aromatherapist and AromaGenera therapist, I do believe Aromatherapy enhancing our physical and mental health, it approved by history and books for many years, but the research evidence I participated is a fact encouraging us to have more explosure on it!” - ChanYuenYing Jessica By combatting a large range of biological and stress-induced issues, aromatherapy is quickly making a name for itself amongst established scientific bodies as a serious form of therapy. In late March of 2018, members of the International Federation of Aromatherapists (IFA) came to a gathering in Hong Kong for an event to set a new world record. Smashing the previous record of 250 people, 296 elderly people were simultaneously given a 30-minute hand massages. A true credit to aromatherapy industry, IFA members, Jessica and her team, came from all over to help, heal and support their local community with essential oils whilst promoting the healing powers of aromatherapy. Along with her team in Hong Kong, Jessica is striving to realise a vision of aromatherapy being launched in universities as a mainstream programme. Complimented by other therapies such as physiotherapy, aromatherapy could well be considered for academic curriculums across universities in Asia. Indeed, recently, this goal came one step closer to fruition, as Jessica was eager to discuss. “We have a series of Aromatherapy courses recognised within the Hong Kong Qualification Framework, as well as other international training bodies, would be launched in the Hong Kong Polytechnic University in 2020.” It is, by all regards, a well-deserved achievement. Jessica’s unparalleled success in bringing aromatherapy to the mainstream is of paramount importance, not just for the industry itself, but also for the medicinal impact that it may have on the elderly, and those suffering with chronic pain or dementia. Jessica is convinced that her mantras of "professional knowledge is strength" and "keeping abreast of the times" are the keys to success. So, since 1995, she has sought to enhance her academic qualifications and experience to generate greater success in her chosen industry of Health Care Sector. As a result, today, Jessica holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and is an internationally recognised aromatherapy instructor, assessor and therapist. Indeed, Jessica is both one of the first senior academic practitioners in Hong Kong and a related academic adviser in various government committees to promote the development of the aromatherapy industry, which – Jessica hopes- will further enhance the professional development of Hong Kong's academic and vocational qualifications. Email: [email protected] Telephone: 852-68918505 Companies: International Federation of Holistic Aromatherapy, SecretCode, aCarer Contact: Chan Yuen Ying Jessica