New Year 2020

31 Nov19256 On the Road to Success It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey. With Blacklane on hand, you can be sure of a journey that is stress-free, high-quality and entirely personal. Designed to be easily accessible, with innovation at its heart, it’s no surprise that this company has won LUXlife’s award for 2020's Most Outstanding Chauffeur Service Global. Join us as we take a closer look. Founded in 2011 by Jens Wohltorf and Frank Steuer, Blacklane has been designed by travellers, for travellers. With the specific intention of making a service that was affordable, reliable and efficient, Blacklane has grown from its Berlin roots to cover over 50 countries with supporting offices in Brisbane, Dubai, Los Angeles and Singapore. Partnering with local chauffeur companies around the world, Blacklane keeps exceptional standards that ensure outstanding services. Consistent around the world for you, its chauffeurs are required to be experienced in the local market with the ability to speak conversational English. The vehicles are always premium, late-model cars from renowned companies such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi and Cadillac. Maintaining a guest-focused approach means only employing people who are willing to go the extra mile. Every single one of Blacklane’s team will go above and beyond to give you the perfect trip. Chauffeurs aren’t taken on purely based on their driving skills or car, but also by their local knowledge and authentic personalities. While legacy companies typically portray a somewhat stiff and impersonal approach, Blacklane features its diverse range of partners from around the globe, crafting an experience brimming with professional warmth. With Blacklane’s airport pickups, you can be secure in the knowledge of real-time flight tracking, where chauffeurs adjust pickup times to match any flight changes. Similarly, ride flexibility means that you can change or cancel your journey for free up until one hour prior to pick-up. Blacklane has redefined the chauffeur industry. Its unique booking and dispatching processes lowered the cost of rides by more than 50%. While legacy companies frequently have a base price plus a variety of mandatory add-ons such as airport pickup fees and parking costs, Blacklane has always operated with an all-inclusive, fixed-rate model. Looking forward, Blacklane has even bigger plans to take the stress out of travel. A major part of this is the expansion of U.S. staff, from 20 people to 50 in Los Angeles. Similarly, it will rapidly grow business-to-business sales, reaching more corporations, travel agencies and airlines that provide complimentary chauffeur service for first- and business-class travellers. In light of the climate crisis, Blacklane’s focus on sustainability will remain a fixture in its service. As the first ride service to offset the carbon emissions of all rides globally, back in 2017, Blacklane also offers the Green Class of emission-free rides in Teslas in 33 cities. The company will add new cities as more emissions-free vehicles come to the market. It’s this dedication to forward-thinking that sets Blacklane apart as one of the foremost chauffeur companies at an international level. Blacklane is a delightful blend of the legacy chauffeur world and the easily-booked ride service, combining excellent service with innovation and personality. Able to provide an exceptional service to clients, it’s no wonder that Blacklane has grown so rapidly into such an outstanding company and amazing success. Contact: Adam Parken Contact Email: [email protected]