New Year 2020

40 Oct19348 Stupendous Spa Success From its prime position in the UK’s capital, the Thai Square Spa cuts an impressive figure on the high street. Behind its greying walls, through the cherrywood and glass door, lies a world of wonder. Offering a full range of treatments to its clientele, a mix of pre-booked and walk-in, the appeal of this centrally based locale is clear to see. Stepping through the doors, the observant visitor will notice the eclectic selection décor, a heady mix of Thai, Roman and Turkish influences. Each element has been chosen carefully to inspire the tranquility found within a haven. The team at Thai Square Spa pride themselves on the creation of a caring and peaceful environment, with subtle influences from the east clearly reflected in the choice of décor. This décor includes rich Thai silk, traditional wood carvings and gold murals, all of which having been lovingly selected by hand to adorn the historic building. The ride range of treatments on offer at the Thai Square Spa provides all sorts of different solutions to match the needs of their clients. The range is incredible. The Thai Square Spa deliver body treatments and facial treatments, packages for maternity, for couples, for groups. There are options for manicures and pedicures amongst others, and this doesn’t even begin to scratch the service of the tremendous opportunities that a visit to the Thai Square Spa can afford its clients. Designed to help bring the body back into the perfect state of balance, the Sen Space is perfect if you need to feel fully rejuvenated. As the spa’s facilities room, you’ll be able to access the sauna, steam room, ice fountain and Jacuzzi. Switching between the two makes for a powerful experience that can really make a difference. The ice fountain is a When it comes to experiencing Thai spa treatment in London, there really is only one option. Huddled in the heart of Charing Cross, this exceptional treatment supplier is unparalleled in the levels of luxury it affords its clients. With first-class facilities, there’s something for everyone who comes through the door, guaranteed to allow clients to leave unencumbered by worldly stresses. We caught up with this amazing relaxation provider to find out more. Scandinavian sauna bathing tradition, and while it may seem odd, it is the perfect invigorating tonic to the heat of the sauna and steam room. It’s worth keeping in mind that the Sen Space is only bookable separately to all treatments and most packages, which makes it one of the exclusive parts of the Thai Square Spa experiences. Those looking for something a little different will be entranced by Salt house therapy, a specialist treatment room that harnesses the mysterious power of restorative Himalayan salt. Derived from the ancient Greek salt cave therapy, this treatment is ideal for those experiencing respiratory problems such as asthma, bronchitis and sinusitis, with the fine salt particles curing inflammation of the respiratory system. Unprocessed salt is packed with those vital minerals that the body needs, so you can sit back in the salt room and totally relax as a potent blend of Iodine, potassium and bromide minerals and 84 different micro-elements get to work on your body. It’s never the wrong time to enjoy some time at the spa, and when it’s Thai Square Spa, there are so many ways to thoroughly relish the experience. This centre of relaxation, nestled in Charing Cross, has a lot to say for itself when it comes to providing exceptional treatments to its clients. Focused on creating an atmosphere of relaxation, this spa is the perfect place to simply unwind. Contact: Nikko Tungpanya Company: Thai Square Spa Web Address: Telephone: 02078397990