New Year 2020

LUXLIFE MAGAZINE | 45 New Year 2020 seen it catapulted to greater heights, as it has started providing nationwide assistance to home builders. Flourishing alongside the interior design business, Carolina Spaces now has dozens of furnished properties in ten states and contracts with many national home building firms. Whether working with home builders, real estate agents, or individuals, Carolina Spaces can deliver exceptional services across the board. Show homes are common on newbuild housing developments, but the remarkability of the firm’s service is that they can transform pre-loved homes that are being sold into spaces that exude luxury. The creativity and ingenuity of the team is clear to see in the detail that goes into every space. However, core to every service delivered, is the desire to listen carefully to clients, absorbing exactly what they need and want from a space. That way, the team can set about achieving nothing less than the perfection each client requests. Surrounding herself with some of the finest real estate professionals that the Carolinas has to offer, Joan’s team of twelve specialists bring a wealth of experience from backgrounds such as homebuilding, designing, warehousing, and moving. With expertise from all stages of the real estate process, Carolina Spaces is more than well- equipped to handle any and all client needs or questions during the interior design and furnishing process. More than experienced, most of the incredibly loyal team members at the firm have been there for at least ten years, and truly embody what it means to put the customer first, always. Carolina Spaces’ services are not limited to designing show homes however. The firm also works with clients looking to renovate or update homely decorations for a more luxurious feel. Offering its award-winning services across both Carolinas, as well as the Southeast, the hands-on interior design services include help with color consultations, space planning, lighting, flooring, material selections, window treatments, and furniture design. True luxury is timeless, effortless, and gorgeous in both design and feel. However, luxury is also subjective to each client. Carolina Spaces understands this better than most, ensuring that every individual is completely heard and reflected in the spaces that are designed. Effortlessly combining colors, whites, and a variety of materials, luxury can be a wide open living space that is both classy and welcoming. Or perhaps, luxury may be beautiful earthy tones in an exquisitely simplistic dining area that is sleek and elegant, yet grounded. Maybe luxury is a gold and black bedroom with intricately designed bedside tables and large windows that welcome in natural light. Joan and her team can create luxury to suit any clients’ needs. Luxury does not have to be restricted to any one room of a home either, as Carolina Spaces has proven time and time again. Able to transform even the most mundane of spaces into slick, elegant and stunning spaces, each project is a fitting testament to the creative aplomb of Joan and her team - be it a bathroom, a master bedroom, or an entire property. Luxury is not easily achieved, but the determination and drive of the team to create truly outstanding spaces ensures that every project, be it a model, vacant, or pre-loved home, can be transformed into the epitome of exceptionality. Creating spaces that are truly deluxe in design requires an unparalleled inventory of high- quality furniture. Carolina Spaces is the only staging company in the region with the ability to augment even the most luxurious spaces and capture the attention of the most selective buyers. Each piece of furniture is carefully chosen with the team’s decades of experience and unrelenting commitment to quality. More than just the furniture choices however, Joan and the team work intensively to ensure that every fabric radiates sophistication and luxury, as well as the accessories that exude exoticism and eclecticism. As discerning as it is creative, Carolina Spaces Furniture & Design knows that new and emerging trends are not always what is best for a space. Joan and her team constantly remain aware of the latest developments in what is trending for interior design. However, all too aware of the costly mistakes that can be made when well-meaning designers try to incorporate new trends simply because they are new, the team remain focused on delivering what is best for the client, and what the client wants. Carolina Spaces ensure that each design is new, fresh, and as exciting as it is luxurious. Rather than succumb to trends, the team creates them. Artistry at its finest, using new materials and furnishings in evocative and different ways. With a keen eye for creative detail and a matchless ability to realise every clients vision, every project that Carolina Spaces undertakes becomes a luxurious tour de force. Embodying the very best of the interior design industry over the last sixteen years, the success is truly deserved as it continues to be a world leader in design services. Company: Carolina Spaces Furniture & Design Contact: Joan Inglis Website: