New Year 2020

54 Discover the luxurious splendour of Montevideo Rich in historic and Art Deco splendour, Montevideo in Uruguay is a South American gem often overlooked for its more famous neighbours. Alison Brinkworth reveals the highlights of this South American capital. Slotted between Brazil and Argentina, Uruguay is coming out from the shade as visitors discover its 210 miles of breathtaking beaches, laid-back atmosphere and glamorous ocean- front havens for the rich and famous. In Montevideo, its charming capital, the country’s colonial history under Spanish and Portuguese rule has left an impression on its stunning architecture that makes walking around this city a real delight. Spanish colonnades run alongside huge art deco landmarks while rows of designer shops lead into the old city where age-old window shuttered buildings with peeling paint and in varying shades of pastel greet cruise ship arrivals from the harbour. And all the time the music plays. Whether it’s Tango or candombe drumming, on the streets or in the bars, there’s music and By Alison Brinkworth