New Year 2020

62 Oct19567 Harmonious Healthcare Pioneers in healthcare, this Brazilian-based Health and Wellness Center combine the benefits of exceptional integrative preventative medicine with the exclusives of luxury hospitality. Run by founders, Dr. Luís Carlos Silveira and his daughter, Dr. Mariela Silveira who are always present and involved, the Kurotel team work tirelessly to commit people to a healthy lifestyle. Achieving this by motivating positive choices, Kurotel has become synonymous with the building of a harmonious existence. With executives, entrepreneurs and celebrities as customers seeking physical and mental well-being, it’s a credit to the team that there is such a steady return and high referral rate. It shows the positive effect of Kurotel’s activities. Teaching their clients to take care of their health from science-based treatments and therapies with a multidisciplinary look, the staff are able to provide personalized care in a sophisticated atmosphere. With 150 experts in various fields, those wanting to find true contentment can begin their journeys here. All the staff are essential to keeping the excellent standards of Kurotel so high, constantly innovating and reinventing to discover the best technologies in health and wellness. In the past two years, the infrastructure at Kurotel has received a major overhaul, to better serve their loyal customers. These include a new wing with 20 apartments, new gym equipment and state-of-the-art equipment for the medical clinic and spa. In addition to this, the center has remodeled areas like offices and living rooms without losing the tradition and essence of the classic, whilst mixing it with contemporary elements. Guests are invited into these softly lit, warm, open spaces. There’s no better place to sit back and relax, as these rooms are fitted with everything you could possibly need, including a flat-screen TV, private bathrooms and a minibar, the rooms take the European style and integrate it with modern and sophisticated spaces. Aside from the sumptuous hotel rooms, the spa is a haven where customers are able to receive the most varied relaxation techniques. Using techniques developed by the team, you’re put at ease with the single goal of taking care of you, and provided with well-being, relaxation, beauty, fullness and renewal. Through facial, body, relaxing and reducing therapies, you’ll live a unique experience that changes how you see spa treatments forever. Finding a place that truly inspires health and wellbeing is a challenge, but increasingly necessary in today’s modern world. Drawing together the strands of wellbeing and luxury, with a constantly innovating approach to care, the team at Kurotel offers their customers a service that is second-to- none. We profiled the company to find out more. With an eye always looking forward, it seems that the secret of this successful venture is the constant investment in technology. Today, the Health and Wellness Center provides customers with the latest in artificial intelligence, including augmented reality, analysis of microbiome and genetic testing, in order to learn about disease risks, proper nutrition and better client exercises. This determined look to the future is matched by the knowledge that technology is only one tool of many to be used in the search for wellness. A healthy life needs good mental health and equipping clients to best handle potential issues is done through techniques like meditation. Scientifically proven to have a positive effect on well-being, body and mental health, it’s the primary reason why Kurotel offers the Mindful Walking and Mindful Eating programs to help to lower anxiety and find joy in health activities. The spa and health promotion clinics in the industry are increasingly focusing on personalized and exclusive care. This puts Kurotel well ahead of the trend, as this is a practice advocated by them for 40 years. In 2020, the company plans to launch an app to allow not just customers, but all those interested and in need, with a motivator of good health practice in the palm of their hand. This generous gesture is typical of the company. Medical director Mariela Silveira is the founder and president of the non-profit Mente Viva Association, the main aim of the organization is the reduction of violence and promotion of a more humane culture in different social relationships. Offering a gentle, luxurious approach to well-being, Kurotel provides exceptional care to those who need it. Family-run, customers are able to find full and complete contentment. It shows in the people who visit, the people who return and the people who recommend its excellent services. Constantly ahead of the curve, we wonder where they’re going next. Contact: Rochele Silveira Company: Kurotel Web Address: Telephone: 0055 54 3295 9393