New Year 2020

63 Unique Moments Nestled in the heart of the Swiss Alps, the magnificent Tschuggen Grand Hotel offers respite from the cold, from the world. It offers some comfort and allows you to indulge in privacy. A member of the Leading Hotels of the World, and Swiss Deluxe Hotels, you can’t doubt its credentials, and why would you want to? The Tschuggen Grand Hotel invites you into its warm rooms and soothes your soul through the experience of a genuine and authentic relationship. Turn off your tablet, put down your phone - it’s time to appreciate the world anew, disconnecting to enjoy your trip away. With large rooms featuring a minibar, full Wi-Fi and access to the formidable breakfast buffet, it can be a challenge to draw yourself away. Nonetheless, there’s a lot to see and do if you want. There are so many options at the Tschuggen Grand Hotel. If you fancy some energetic skiing, the Tschuggen Express is at your disposal, taking a mere four minutes to bring you to the summit. Maybe you want to look at Swiss surroundings from a new perspective, in which case, you could be a passenger on a hang-glider. If that doesn’t tantalise you, perhaps a long, relaxing treatment at the Tschuggen Bergoase is in order. With its iconic sail motif, this inclusive specialist spa truly is a paradise for those who want to find wellbeing and inner peace. The quest for personal experience and unique moments isn’t limited to what can be offered in terms of adventure. The staff at the Tschuggen Grand Hotel know the importance of knowing your special needs off by heart and will try to anticipate what is required of them. Recently, they have begun to offer excursions with the management team, such as a winter hike with the General Manager and his dog. It allows them to show their passion to the guests. The staff consider the building of personal relationships with their guests essential. Standing in a magnificent isolation in the Swiss Alps, the Tschuggen Grand Hotel offers guests a glimpse of a life of luxury. Dedicated to wellness, comfort and unique moments, you cannot fail to be charmed by what the Tschuggen Grand Hotel has to offer. Oct19419 Many are seasonal workers but return year after year to share their joy with new visitors. Many visitors return time and time again to experience those unique moments anew. They want to feel at home in a hotel and the Tschuggen Grand Hotel do their best to ensure that they do. The culinary experience at the Tschuggen Grand Hotel is not to be missed. With seven different restaurant options to choose from, varying in tone and taste, there’s sufficient selection to suit everyone. Under the excellent leadership of Uwe Seegert, the commitment to using first-class ingredients and ensuring each matches its respective restaurant results in tantalising the taste buds in a way you won’t find anywhere else. A one-of-a-kind experience. Working in cooperation with the myclimate foundation, the Tschuggen Grand Hotel is taking action towards limiting its effect on the environment. Its position against the impressive natural scenery of the beautiful Swiss Alps gives the hotel, its staff and visitors an ideal look at what could be lost if we don’t act. The aim is for the Tschuggen Hotel Group as a whole is to be completely carbon-neutral by the end of the year. Unavoidable emissions are offset by funding projects run by myclimate in Switzerland and Rwanda. The Tschuggen Grand Hotel offers the ultimate in luxury-tourism, tempting visitors in with the surrounding scenery, and keeping them there as guests with authentic relationships and unique moments. It truly is something not to be missed. Contact: Leonie Schefenacker Company: Tschuggen Hotel Group AG Website: