New Year 2020

74 Oct19322 Picture Perfect Capturing those precious moments can seem like a miracle, but a true professional manages it every time. From baby photos to families, from senior pictures to weddings, John and Cheryl Tree of Northstar Photography & Design have made sure these memories really can last a lifetime. Following their success last year, winning Best Candid Wedding Photographer in Metro Detroit, we take a closer look at this photographic marvel. Northstar is the product of a love of photography and a love of people. Determined not just to take images of a day, but truly capture the unique elements that make up a person, a photoset from Northstar is guaranteed to capture their clients’ best sides. With wit and warmth, husband-and-wife team John and Cheryl manage to remove the fear of the camera lens and invite the subjects of their photography to bring their true selves. With a well-deserved reputation for high-quality and great service, Northstar have gone from strength to strength in the last decade. With John having studied photography at the Art Institute of Atlanta in 1988 and 1989, and both he and Cheryl have earnt their stripes as members of the Professional Photographers of America and Detroit Professional Photographers Association. This gives clients an assurance of quality when they come to Northstar, and the longing to learn more from master photographers still hasn’t gone away. Innovators in every regard, this team at Northstar were one of the first in the Detroit area to offer two photographers for every wedding. For John and Cheryl, their job is to capture every moment, every nuance, and naturally any special picture request that they might have in their own inimitable styles. Not only providing the security of making sure that every moment of your special day is captured forever, it allows for a delightful mix of styles that creates some of the most unique and arresting images imaginable. Every choice that the bride-and-groom makes, from the tuxes and dresses to chair coverings and centerpieces, reflects who they are and what makes them special and this dynamic duo photograph weddings with an eye for emotion and a desire for detail. What sets Northstar above and beyond other photographers in any field is the degree to which their photography is a collaboration. Always listening to clients, asking questions and making suggestions, what you get with Northstar is someone not only willing to bring your vision to life, but elevating it to the best it can be. John and Cheryl both know that portraits are an important part of family history, capturing a specific time and achievement. As invaluable mementos, it is a privilege to be invited to create a truly one-of-a-kind personal art piece. When it comes to wedding photos, you want to be guaranteed peace-of- mind. Instead of spending the day worrying about whether or not the right images are being taken, the right atmosphere is being captured, or if those little moments will be remembered outside of your memory, Northstar takes on this burden and allows you to live and enjoy the day with confidence. Embracing the day in the comfort that someone else has the experience and skill means that when you look back, you’ll look back fondly. Northstar is a photography firm with a difference. Putting people at the heart of the process, capturing the moments that make them human, is what sets it apart. It’s a rare skill, and those who have it can take a perfunctory approach regardless. To John and Cheryl, photography is art, borne of love. They love their clients, which is perhaps, why their clients love them. Contact: John Tree Web Address: