New Year 2021

10 The Crochet Animal Kingdom SindiBaba is a German manufacturer and distributor of handcrafted baby toys made using natural materials. Offering a comprehensive selection of animal pals, SindiBaba creates predominantly crocheted toys that appeal to parents and children alike. We spoke to the SindiBaba team to find out more about this young firm that is already establishing its strong position on both digital and physical retail platforms. SindiBaba is a manufacturer of handmade, predominantly crocheted, baby toys, which it markets, distributes and sells across Germany via its own website and Etsy, as well as through toy, gift and pregnancy shops. Its name invokes memories of the company’s own childhood heroes, Sinbad the Sailor and Ali Baba and his forty thieves, with hopes of evoking the same childlike wonder for their customers too. Starring an adorable range of animal pals, such as Stripey the Zebra and Harry the Hedgehog, SindiBaba’s range of toys are available as cuddly toys, pram accessories, baby mobiles and more. Each made from natural materials such as wood, bamboo and organic cotton, the toys are charming yet timelessly elegant and functional, making them just as appealing to parents as children. Each toy is conscientiously handcrafted with a commitment to sustainability and ethical practices throughout. SindiBaba employs a team of needlewomen from the North-Eastern region of the Shandong province, who use handcrafting techniques which have been passed down thousands of years of tradition. Working in their own homes or rural community buildings, the teams of needlewoman come together to work in an enjoyable, sociable and safe environment that mutually benefits these communities and SindiBaba. Completed needlework patches are collected and delivered to the manufacturers who assemble the toys complete with sound accessories designed to interest and delight babies. The toys are then tested to ensure they are safe and built to last, before being packed to send to Germany. As well as promoting ethical production practices, handcrafting lends each toy a uniqueness that cannot be achieved through mass production, which is further enhanced by the addition of personalised features at the customer’s request. The SindiBaba team in Germany are often assisted by students and housewives who take on tasks in the warehouse and processing incoming orders. The core staff comprises Lynn, who is in charge of design and product development, her sister Melody who, with the help of her brother in law is in charge of quality assurance and purchasing, and Rainer, who handles marketing and IT. The team collaborates with the needlewomen in the Shandong province to ensure their products are the highest quality and as delightful as possible. Even small details, such as the shape of Freddy the Fox’s nose, is deliberated on by the whole team. The core team also shares experience in material testing, quality assurance and the safe production of children’s products, which they are able to integrate into their own toys. As such, the child-friendly designs use almost exclusively natural products, only using synthetics when required by the law. SindiBaba products not only exceed the stringent requirements of the European Toy Safety standards, but also comply with the stricter requirements of renowned German consumer testing magazine, “Stiftung Warentest”. Consequently, SindiBaba toys have become a premier choice for parents across Germany and beyond. Additionally, the colours and shapes are conducive to the development of curious, intelligent children even before the age of one. Magnets, musical elements and bold colours all help babies to begin the world around them, whilst culminating in a beloved plaything, that is also stylish enough to appeal to parents who enjoy sleek, minimalist interiors. Through market research and social media, SindiBaba constantly seeks to improve its offerings to new parents and their babies. In the past year, four new animal pals have joined the SindiBaba farm, available in a range of forms such as cuddly toy or pacifier keeper. The launch of these product lines has coincided with a strange year for the young firm, who like many, have seen and felt the impacts of the ongoing pandemic. Having opened a new showroom and factory outlet room before lockdown, SindiBaba had to reassess and evolve and is now considering abandoning their bricks-and-mortar retail plans to focus instead on the ecommerce side of business that has successfully carried them through 2020. The physical spaces will be modified to run live broadcasts for SindiBaba’s social media channels, boosting their online presence even further. Even in the face of global adversity, SindiBaba’s drive has pushed them to success early in the life of the business. Undoubtedly the firm’s fresh approach to baby toys will see the company reach fantastic heights over the months and years to come, and we cannot wait to see it. Contact: Rainer Appel Company: SindiBaba ® Web Address: Oct20770