New Year 2021

11 Oct20440 Protecting Everyone ProtectOne Ltd is an innovation driven organisation committed to providing effective, chemical-free protection against parasites for the whole family, including pets. Having celebrated its tenth year of operation, the Hungary and North America-based company has seen remarkable growth since its inception, with its products now available in 52 countries across five continents. We dug a little deeper to find out the driving force behind this innovative enterprise’s success. Established in 2010, ProtectOne is a leading provider of reliable and effective chemical-free solutions against parasites such as ticks, fleas and dust mites. Driven by innovation, the firm seeks to reduce the number of diseases caused by parasites through their non-toxic and environmentally friendly repellents, making life easier for the entire family, including pets. ProtectOne is an ardent advocate of the fact that prevention is much more important than treatment when it comes to parasite-borne illnesses and its growing portfolio of products has been created with this in mind. Employing innovation alongside the firm’s core values of naturalness, care, safety, reliability, and prevention, Tickless allows its users to get out into nature without any worries about the health of them or their family. This has become a greater priority across the world over the past year, as the ongoing pandemic saw more people seeking the great outdoors for low-risk activities and socialising. At the same time, however, mild winters have seen an increase in tick populations which has acted in conjunction with more people hiking and spending time in green spaces to cause a rise in the number of parasite-related illnesses. Eager to continue encouraging people to make the most of the natural world, ProtectOne has been working even harder to offer customers comprehensive and effective solutions against parasites. The firm’s Tickless and Miteless devices emit a series of ultrasonic pulses that are imperceptible to humans, pets or wildlife but interfere with the ability of ticks and fleas to orient themselves. Safe to humans, pets and the environment, ProtectOne’s products have taken off on a global scale, with availability in 52 countries across five continents. In addition, the Tickless Mini was nominated in the internationally acclaimed BigSEE awards in 2020, where it won the product design category as testament to the innovative technology of ProtectOne and the hard work of its team. Led by CEO and Founder, Daniel Kiss, the ProtectOne team of twelve is growing and evolving. Made up of dedicated individuals who are each devoted to the work they do, ProtectOne puts a great deal of its success as a company down to the team’s ability to collaborate more like friends than colleagues. When recruiting new team members, which is a current focus of the firm in its mission to continue growing, ProtectOne ensures that potential candidates are not only professional and informed, but a good team player and fits perfectly to the firm’s attitude. Effective teamwork has been key to overcoming some of the challenges presented by 2020 for ProtectOne, particularly in the early stages of the pandemic when materials were not being transported from around the globe. However, the issue was quickly resolved and manufacturing and distribution soon resumed to ensure that operations continued as seamlessly as possible in North America and Hungary. Continued and successful business activity throughout the unprecedented and often chaotic period of 2020 has enabled ProtectOne to look forward to an exciting 2021. Always striving towards innovation, ProtectOne is pleased to reveal the January launch of their two new products in the Tickless product line specifically for active sportspeople and runners. This is undoubtedly the first of many exciting products to be added to the ProtectOne portfolio over the coming years, as the firm strives to get people back into nature safe in the knowledge that they are being protected by ProtectOne’s market-leading science. Company: ProtectOne Ltd Web Address: |