New Year 2021

LUXLIFE MAGAZINE | 13 New Year 2021 These techniques have helped SARCO Architect’s reputation to grow far and wide and it has clients based worldwide – from America and Canada to Panama, the Caribbean, Dubai and European countries, including Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the UK. “For us, technology is at the core of what makes us tick”, adds Roderick. “First and foremost, we are experts in the application of BIM technology to each of our projects. While the AEC industry as a whole is still questioning if and when they should transition to BIM, we made this leap 18 years ago and are leaders in our field. “I am an international speaker at BIM conferences in several countries in Latin America and in Germany as well, and most recently in virtual conferences. On top of this, we are always considering what technology applications and services we can consider, to make the experience we provide our clients as smooth and enjoyable as possible. “The SARCO System™ was created to provide our clients with an incomparable experience - to provide the best in architectural design and building solutions for international clients. “This System ensures that projects are designed and built to exceed expectations, with a unique attention to detail, and with straightforward and successful project development. “We work hard to make sure our staff understands the level of service, quality, and customer service that I want my company to provide. My staff know the level of clients that we provide work for. “Our ultimate goal is to create projects that are so enjoyable for our clients, they actually return and hire us again.” It is exciting times for SARCO Architects as it prepares to see construction start on its largest and most luxurious residence so far. Work gets under way this year and will add to its extensive and prized portfolio. For Roderick, he is not surprised that the investment in Costa Rican property continues to flourish as he knows only too well the beauty of his home country and the appeal that it will have to international visitors considering a second home on its shores – particularly after Covid. “Costa Rica is a place where you will find natural greenery all over the country, with pristine, untouched nature reserves, tropical beaches, and intense biodiversity,” explains Roderick. “Along our long coastlines, you will encounter hugely different microclimates, providing something for everyone. While mostly facing westward, the beaches in this area provide the most stunning "paintings" in the skyline with every awe-inspiring sunset. “It’s a far cry from the noisy hustle and bustle of cities like New York as Costa Rica gives you the soothing sound of the waves on the beach, birds chirping and night-time wildlife giving their own evening concerts.” Company: SARCO Architects Costa Rica Name: Roderick Anderson Website: