New Year 2021

14 Love Architecture Archimontage Design Fields Sophisticated is a Thai architectural design firm that stands out from its competition for its unique approach to design and business. A small firm focusing on small-scale projects, Archimontage prioritises function over luxury in domestic spaces, creating liveable spaces without excess. Founder Cherngchai Riawruangsangkul tells us more. Established in 2007, Archimontage Design Fields Sophisticated is a small architectural and interior design firm that brings together disciplines to discover and challenge the meaning of architecture, both practically and idealistically. The studio, established by Cherngchai Riawruangsangkul in the Thai city of Pak Kret, north of Bangkok, hosts five semi-freelancers who work flexibly to create functional domestic spaces. As a small team, Archimontage often rejects large-scale or corporate projects that require complex engineering or technical elements, in favour for projects that prioritise functionality. As such, more than 70% of Archimontage clients are individuals inspired to innovate their own homes. When creating spaces, the team begins with the essentials. This refers not only to the practicality of physical spaces but also to psychological aspects of a building, as the domestic environment and mental wellbeing of the inhabitant are intrinsically linked. From the foundations, the Archimontage team builds interiors and exteriors that each tell a complimentary story to create a complete home suited to the aesthetics of the client. In some cases, added details, finishes and luxuries may be added if required, but predominantly, the Archimontage team believes that these added luxuries are unnecessary excess. It is a unique approach to architectural design that sets the firm apart from its competitors across the world. Constantly evolving, the Archimontage process often presents unexpected challenges for the team but simultaneously opens up opportunities to further push the boundaries of design. Like all design firms, Archimontage is driven by a desire to develop, not just surviving but thriving against all odds, which has propelled the firm to its position as an inimitable design company. Dec20265 However, this is not to suggest that Archimontage seeks to stand alone in its industry, but rather looks to balance its individuality with taking influences from the broad, global discipline it exists in. Being a religious follower of trends means blending into a saturated, monotonous market, but marketing oneself as a high-end, flawless zenith of ground-breaking design presents problems when faced with adversity that is out of anyone’s control, such as the ongoing global pandemic. Cherngchai and his team therefore strive to strike the balance, always staying to true to their brand identity. Operating on a flexible work schedule that allows the team to work from home or in studio, Archimontage capitalises on the ability to work in a way that best suits them, thanks to the freedom offered by technology. In the projects themselves, however, the need for technology is not quite as prevalent, as Archimontage prefers to use the basic design programs that can facilitate their own skills, rather than relying heavily on advanced systems to do all the work. It is for this reason that Archimontage principally chooses smaller-scale projects which can best exhibit the team’s own highly skilled expertise and work. Cherngchai’s team is recruited based on the way they operate and its cohesion with his own work ethos. Together they strive towards the same vision and collaborate closely so as to achieve the company’s goals, whilst also developing their own personal career paths. With so many creative minds working together, Cherngchai believes that decisiveness is a vital attribute to have as a team leader: “If you think your team can't keep up with you, can’t envision things the same way to you, or believe in what they think as right, which may not be wrong, but unsuitable for what you're doing or choosing, you have to be a strong leader.” The combination of strong leadership and exceptional skills is what has built Archimontage to be the firm it is today. As ever, Cherngchai and his team continue to explore avenues for growth and development. At the moment, their plans for development are two-fold. Archimontage is looking to develop their business in a way that they as a small firm would never have presumed to before, only ever hoping for business activity to remain sustainable. Now, the firm is looking to build on this, which is where the second element of the plan comes into play, as the team looks to increase their focus and care. Whilst awards and recognition are testament to the success of this small firm, Archimontage remains driven by the desire to work hard to deliver excellent results. There is no doubt that this will propel the firm to continued success for many years to come. Contact: Cherngchai Riawruangsangkul Company: Archimontage Design Fields Sophisticated Web Address: