New Year 2021

Jun20195 Health and Beauty First Health and beauty are the two words around which luxury revolves, but finding the right person to ensure both is incredibly difficult. Far from just a skill, it’s an artform. Nowhere is this better shown than by the team at Robyn Raye Academy. Seeing success in the Health Beauty and Wellness Awards as they were named Excellence Award in Beauty & Aesthetics Training – Kent, we take a closer look to find out more. When people talk about finding the right beautician or the right therapist, they often talk about someone who has trained for hours to perfect what they have to offer. The high standards that people expect at this level is no small order, requiring hours of theoretical training before practical hours can begin. The team at Robyn Raye Academy provide a truly amazing process that all but guarantees the best health and beauty experts in the business. Their work is not only award winning, but high quality accredited. Courses are taught by experienced industry professionals and medical professionals to ensure the ultimate in health and beauty. Not everyone is the same, so courses vary to match the needs of the student. This registered VTCT Centre offers both funded and private courses, as well as online and classroom ways of learning. All theory is completed at home, online. This is so that when in the classroom, students can embrace everything about the practicalities of the subject. There are never more than four students to any single class, which means that tutors can give you the attention you deserve. This commitment to almost bespoke tutelage is part of the secret of the team’s success. Many people have graduated and gone on to incredible success. Not only does it ensure that you have the full support of a professional, but that when you move on to the next stage, you can engage with a lifetime support system too. To the team at Robyn Raye Academy, students are not just numbers, but people with their own dreams and ambitions. Part of the job is helping them to achieve their fullest potential. It’s not just the students who are learning at Robyn Raye Academy. With new methods and techniques coming out frequently, it’s no surprise that the team are constantly undergoing further education themselves. With a combined forty years of industry experience and twenty-five of training, they’ve not just seen it all, but are determined to ensure that they don’t miss what’s coming next. What Robyn Raye Academy offers is ideal for those who are passionate about the beauty industry. It doesn’t matter whether a student wants to enter for the first time or is adding another treatment to a long list of successes, the team are equipped to make your dreams into a reality. By focusing on their students, and making sure that they are ready to meet the needs of their clients, they have been able to achieve incredible levels of unprecedented success. Company: Robyn Raye Academy Contact: Robyn Smith Website: