New Year 2021

LUXLIFE MAGAZINE | 21 New Year 2021 in its service with a relaxing and enjoyable learning and purchasing experience. Recently, the team at MWA became aware of the lack of opportunities in the market for those individuals who wish to immerse themselves fully in fine wines and winemaking as a way of life. Seeking to address this, MWA has launched its new luxury real wine estate services, which include everything that a potential winemaker might need to succeed, from finding the perfect property and handling all of the paperwork, to writing the tasting notes and developing the marketing plan. As MWA enters 2021, this department’s priority is encouraging and advising investors to buy wine properties. In its work with brands, wineries, wine estates, and Food and Beverage consultancies, MWA uses its extensive expertise in promoting new products, penetrating emerging markets and providing specialist advice to help clients establish themselves and develop marketing and communications strategies. MWA works with an array of wine-producer clients to acquaint them with the means and knowledge to retain high-value accounts and drive profitability for business continuity. For its Food and Beverage clients, the team at MWA helps to develop and manage dynamic and profitable wine programs that successfully engage clients across the globe. In whichever capacity MWA’s services are sought, its objective is to achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction. Combining profound and varied industry experience with personalised, flexible customer service, Established in Portugal, Martins Wine Advisor is an international team of consultants, connoisseurs and certified drinkers of fine wines. The consultancy provides comprehensive services for wine enthusiasts across the globe who are seeking insights and advice on collectible and emerging fine wines. For MWA’s portfolio of private clients, which comprises individuals, organisations and royal families, the team is able to advise, educate and guide them in sourcing prestigious wines and developing beautiful cellars. This goes beyond simply securing upscale wines, but establishing what a client likes and desires for their collections, as well as assisting in construction, acquiring materials and so on and so forth. Providing the private cellars, yachts and jets of royal families and distinguished institutions with their products, MWA achieves the balance of professionalism MWA is able to provide results suited to any situation, client or environment. This is further enhanced by the multilingual proficiency of the team, which also facilitates the company’s ambitions for international expansion. This ambition has been a lifelong dream of Founder and Global Business Developer, Cláudio Martins, who was born and raised in the Dão region of Portugal, one of the oldest winemaking regions in the world. Passionate about the wines of his native country and an ardent believer in their quality, Cláudio seeks to establish Portugal among the leaders of fine wines on the global stage, sharing their distinct and high-quality character with the rest of the world. Cláudio’s approach uses marketing and communications to shed light on those wines, as well as collaborations with other notable winemakers around the world to create and develop even more refined products that exhibit the exquisite nature of Portuguese wines. Cláudio’s passion is shared by his team at MWA, who are united in their love for the wine industry. This is what drives them to serve their clients to the highest standards, creating opportunities for their clients in turn to accomplish their own ambitions, whether it be engaging with their own clients to encourage business success, or in curating their perfect private collection of fine wines. Offering such a diverse and extensive selection of services that is unmatched in the wine industry, it is vital that all those who join the MWA team share in its passion. A background in wine and customer service are necessary, but it is the devotion and adoration for the industry that truly separates the MWA team from the competition, combined with attributes of persistency, professionalism, consistency and a willingness to dare to dream. Consequently, the team at MWA works hard alongside Cláudio to achieve his dream of seeing Portuguese wines take their place among the most illustrious wines in the world where they belong. To that end, MWA is entering 2021 with some exciting major projects soon to be rolled out. Perhaps most exciting is the Wines From Another World project, which will see the launch of a collection of ten, luxury wines from regions across the world. Exquisite in quality and highly exclusive, there will only be 800 to 1,000 bottles of each wine available for MWA clients. The first bottle will be released this March in Portugal, with two a year being released from 2022. Despite the pandemic, the fine wine industry is alive and well, and with operations in so many fields within the industry, business continues to be as busy as ever for MWA. From their private clients and wineries, to its events department and the Wine Deck - MWA’s pop-up wine bar that began in Lisbon and can be replicated anywhere in the world - MWA is working hard to continue growing awareness for Portuguese wines, particularly in projects such as the Wine Spot. This will be a physical location in shopping malls, hotels or markets that will serve MWA’s wines, and will be grown into an international franchise. In addition, MWA is investing in its marketing department in 2021 with the launch of their 360-degree wine design, communication and marketing service. The service will enhance MWA’s existing advisory services, offering guidance and expertise on everything from wine labels to websites and social media. Consequently, MWA continues to position itself ahead of the competition in Portugal as a comprehensive service provider committed to spreading the word about Portuguese fine wines across the world. With an exciting 2021 ahead of the MWA team, we look forward to seeing the firm grow on an international scale in pursuit of its dreams for the future of Portuguese fine wines. Company: Martins Wine Advisor Contact: Micaela Martins Ferreira Web Address: