New Year 2021

25 Page 49 Before Sky Clinic was opened, there was a big gap in the market in the world of cosmetic skincare clinics. The clinics that were currently established leaned one of two ways. It was either extremely high quality that was equally expensive, or it was a cheap, home-based service that largely compromised on the quality of service delivered. Thus, Sky Clinic was formed with the goal of bridging that gap, bringing high-quality luxury skincare services to the masses by making it affordable. This latest award is yet another feather in the cap of a business that already has a great many of them, and acts as the perfect motivation for the team to continue doing what they love: providing the best quality services in the cosmetic skin clinic industry. Offering a wide range of treatment, there are four different departments within Sky Clinic: cosmetic skin clinic, laser clinic, injectable clinic, and body clinic, each one serving a different purpose. The cosmetic skin clinic targets skin concerns such as hyperpigmentation, acne, ageing skin, and general skin health, whilst the laser clinic focuses on laser hair reduction, and the injectable and body clinics focus on non- surgical fat reductions. Across the board, the main difference that sets the Sky Clinic apart is the knowledge, experience, and honesty that is present in every service delivered. There is a clear understanding of how each individual treatment works, and what to expect at any stage of the healing process. This level of insight gives the team the possibility to manage post-treatment aftercare for their clients to an extent that competitors simply cannot match. Even before the treatment there is a wealth of care and service for the patient, with free in-depth consultations to find out exactly what it is the client needs and what their expectations are. There is an incredibly professional sense of ethics Looking good does not have to break the bank. Whilst luxurious and lavish lifestyles may have once been reserved for those who had the means to pay for it, times have changed. More people than ever before can afford to have luxury treatments and take care of themselves in ways that are special without having to spend extortionate amounts of money. Sky Clinic aims to provide affordable luxury without compromising on the quality; we find out how. Sky Clinic Best Cosmetic Skin Clinic 2020 driving the Sky Clinic forward, never carrying out work for a patient if it is not in their best interests or might put them at serious and unnecessary risk. Another aspect of the luxurious service that Sky Clinic provides is the communication and individual approach it gives each client, making them feel welcome and cared for from the very first consultation right the way through to post-treatment aftercare. Clients keep coming back, not only for the luxurious treatments themselves, but also the service that the staff constantly provide on a daily basis. Every client is individual and unique, and the service reflects that. Though they are few, each complaint is dealt with swiftly and seriously, and Sky Clinic ensures its services are constantly improving where it is needed. In order to maintain this high standard of service, the criteria of hiring at Sky Clinic demands knowledge and expertise, but also personality and attitude. Everyone must shared the passion for helping people become their best selves. Cosmetics and aesthetics is an industry that is regularly changing, often following the trends in fashion across the world. Whilst it is important for clinics such as Sky Clinic to adopt new practices and treatments that follow these trends, maintaining ethical professionalism is more important. For example, the biggest challenge that aesthetics professionals face is unrealistic and unethical trends. The clients, especially those on the younger side, asking to have aesthetics treatments to look like someone else is something that Sky Clinic often refuses, being strict on its decision to stay ethical and professional in its services. With plans in place to launch new treatments, expand the team, and open other branches beyond Birmingham, Sky Clinic hopes to bring its ethical and professional luxury service all over the United Kingdom in the near future. Looking good and feeling good are undeniably linked together, and everyone deserves to feel good about themselves and the way they look. Helping people achieve the looks of their dreams is no easy feat, but one that the team at Sky Clinic approach every day with enthusiasm, excitement, and empathy. Every service is delivered in luxurious style, with the patient firmly at the centre of every decision made. It is a clinic of the highest order, with services that consistently go above and beyond what patients expect. Sky Clinic is cosmetic and aesthetic luxury, personified. Company: Sky Clinic Contact: Jay Dharamshi Website: Mar20182