New Year 2022

16 Sep21828 Best Modern Indian Restaurant - Edinburgh Prana Indian Grill is Indian food reimagined as an Indo-Scottish fusion. Not only is the restaurant’s aim to take each guest’s breath away with its authentic cuisine, but it also strives to create a whole new experience to be shared with family and friends. Officially opened in July 2020, Prana Indian Grill has specially designed a stunning environment that channels the essence of Prana into a unique dining experience. A beautiful blossom tree symbolises a time of renewal, and the peacock represents the restaurant’s pride to serve guests the finest locally sourced ingredients, bringing classic dishes to life like never before with a new Scottish twist. Dark wood has been purposefully installed throughout the restaurant to reflect longevity and to create an ambience of warmth and love through a golden colour palette. The team at Prana Indian Grill kickstarted 2020 with the development of their exciting new concept for Corstorphine, Edinburgh, in the form of a brand new Indian restaurant with a twist, documenting the renovation progress via the restaurant Facebook page and fast becoming the talk of the town. Behind-the-scenes photos gave the public a view into the coming together of the restaurant from the start, building anticipation for its opening, which was originally scheduled in March. However, the COVID-19 pandemic unfortunately threw a spanner in the works and halted the official opening until July. Promising prospective customers a unique dining experience to look forward to when restrictions eased, Prana in the meantime continued with its food takeaway service, AbidA. Appreciating the hard work and effort made by keyworkers during what was a difficult time, Prana wanted to give back to the community, so made its dishes available for free to all NHS workers for a limited time. This was alongside providing free meals to those in need, with the help of Corstorphine Community Centre. As July slowly rolled closer, the restaurant began sharing mouth- watering sneak-peeks on its Facebook page of some of the dishes it would be serving customers. Its chefs had been working around the clock to perfect a menu that reflects the heart and soul of Prana. Each dish is seeped in Indian history combined with a contemporary Scottish influence, using only the freshest of locally sourced ingredients and the richest of old world Indian spices. Prana Indian Grill officially opened its doors to the public for the first time on Sunday 19th July, while ensuring it had everything in place in accordance with government guidelines. During its first two weeks, the restaurant hosted its exclusive Price Your Plate event, where the full menu was offered to customers with all pricing removed, giving them the opportunity to decide what their meal was worth. Having experienced what Prana has to offer, the customer was asked to price and pay, enabling the restaurant to price its menu to suit the community – and it had a fantastic response, overwhelmed by all the positive feedback it was receiving. Indeed, diners are truly treated at Prana, with delicious and inventive food and a tantalising collection of cocktails to suit every taste, all complemented by outstanding customer service and a relaxing atmosphere. Prana is the place to go for Indian food in Edinburgh, its five-star rating on TripAdvisor showing that guests just can’t get enough. Company: Prana Indian Grill Email: [email protected] Website: